2021 Universal Registration Document

Integrated presentation of Sopra Steria1
Chairman’s message2
Key figures for 20213
History and corporate plan4
Our mission and values5
Corporate responsibility8
Business model and...10
…the value creation chain11
Breakdown of revenue and the workforce12
Strategy & Ambitions13
Risk Management14
Financial performance15
Dialogue with investors16
1. Business overview and strategies19
1. Sopra Steria Group at a glance20
2. History of Sopra Steria Group21
3. Digital services market22
3.1. Main markets – Competitive environment of the digital services sector22
4. Sopra Steria’s activities23
4.1. A major European player in digital transformation23
4.2. Business expertise at the heart of our strategy26
4.3. Research and Development in Solutions28
5. Strategy and objectives28
5.1. Strong and original positioning in Europe28
5.2. Confirmed objectives and priority action areas29
5.3. Medium-term strategic objectives31
6. 2021 Full-year results31
6.1. Comments on 2021 performance31
6.2. Comments on the components of net profit attributable to the Group and financial position at 31 December 202132
6.3. Proposed dividend in respect of financial year 202132
6.4. Workforce32
6.5. Social and environmental footprint33
6.6. External growth transactions and acquisitions in financial year 202133
6.7. Infrastructure and technical facilities33
6.8. Targets for 202233
7. Subsequent events33
8. Simplified Group structure at 31 December 202134
9. Group organisation35
9.1. Permanent structure35
9.2. Temporary structures for specific deals and projects36
2. Risk factors and internal control37
1. Risk factors38
1.1. Risk identification and assessment38
1.2. Summary overview of risk factors38
1.3. Detailed presentation of risk factors39
2. Insurance45
3. Internal control and risk management45
3.1. Objectives and framework for the internal control and risk management system45
3.2. Scope46
3.3. Components of the internal control and risk management system46
3.4. Participants in internal control and risk management47
3.5. Assessment and continuous49
4. Procedures relating to the preparation and processing of accounting and financial information49
4.1. Coordination of the accounting and financial function49
4.2. Preparation of the published accounting and financial information50
3. Corporate governance51
1. Organisation and operation of governance52
1.1. Executive company officers52
1.2. Board of Directors54
1.3. Preparation and organisation of the work of the Board of Directors75
2. Compensation policy81
2.1. Policy outline81
2.2. Executive company officers82
2.3. Board of Directors84
3. Standardised presentation of compensation paid to company officers85
3.1. AFEP-MEDEF Code tables85
3.2. Pay ratios92
3.3. Result of the shareholder consultation on the compensation of executive company officers (General Meeting of 26 May 2021)95
4. Departures from the guidelines set forth in the AFEP-MEDEF Code96
4. Corporate responsibility97
Message from the Chief Executive Officer98
1. Sopra Steria’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy99
1.1. Materiality matrix99
1.2. Seven key commitments aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)100
1.3. Corporate Responsibility governance structure supporting the Group’s strategy105
2. Social responsibility: a committed and responsible Group107
2.1. Governance107
2.2. Responsible employment priorities107
2.3. Employment policy for professional excellence108
2.4. Regional impact109
2.5. Attracting and retaining more talent109
2.6. Maintaining and developing skills112
2.7. Diversity and equal opportunity113
2.8. Health, safety and working conditions118
2.9. Labour relations119
3. Environmental Responsibility: Carbon-neutral120
3.1. Environmental strategy120
3.2. Environmental policy122
3.3. Incorporating climate risks and opportunities into the Group’s strategy124
3.4. Optimising resource consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions125
3.5. Green taxonomy (Regulation (EU) 2020/852 of 18 June 2020)132
3.6. Outlook134
4. Engaging our stakeholders to meet their needs better135
4.1. Creating value for our stakeholders135
4.2. Helping our clients with innovation and digital sustainability136
4.3. Suppliers and partners140
4.4. Ethics and compliance141
4.5. Human rights, international labour standards, environment and anti-corruption commitments146
4.6. Group’s community commitment147
4.7. Duty of vigilance and vigilance plan148
5. Methodological note150
6. SDG/GRI/TCFD-CDSB cross-reference table152
7. Social and environmental indicators155
8. Report by the independent third party of the consolidated statement of non-financial performance presented in the Management Report163
5. 2021 Consolidated Financial Statements169
Consolidated statement of net income170
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income171
Consolidated statement of financial position172
Consolidated statement of changes in equity173
Consolidated cash flow statement174
Notes to the consolidated financial statements175
Statutory Auditors’ report on the consolidated financial statements233
6. 2021 Parent Company Financial Statements239
Income statement240
Balance sheet241
Cash flow statement242
1. Company description243
2. Significant events243
2.1. Impact of the Covid-19 crisis243
2.2. Restructuring operations carried out during the financial year243
3. Accounting policies243
4. Notes to the income statement244
4.1. Operating income244
4.2. Staff costs and employee benefits245
4.3. Net financial income246
4.4. Exceptional items247
4.5. Corporate income tax247
5. Notes relatives au bilan248
5.1. Actif immobilisé248
5.2. Autres éléments d’actif253
5.3. Capitaux propres255
5.4. Provisions pour risques et charges255
5.5. Autres éléments de passif257
5.6. Échéances des créances et dettes   la clôture de l’exercice261
6. Autres informations262
6.1. Informations concernant le crédit-bail262
6.2. Engagements hors bilan262
6.3. Faits exceptionnels et litiges263
6.4. Événements postérieurs à la clôture de l’exercice263
6.5. Tableau des cinq derniers exercices264
6.6. Échéancier des dettes fournisseurs et des créances clients265
Rapport des Commissaires aux comptes sur les comptes annuels266
Rapport spécial des Commissaires aux comptes sur les conventions réglementées270
7. Share ownership structure273
1. General information274
2. Share ownership structure275
3. Employee share ownership275
4. Voting rights276
5. Threshold crossings276
6. Shareholders’ agreements276
7. Control277
7.1. Breakdown of voting rights277
7.2. Members of Sopra Steria Group’s Board of Directors277
7.3. Measures to govern the control exercised by Sopra GMT277
8. Share buyback programme278
8.1. Implementation of the share buyback programme in 2021278
8.2. Description of the 2022 share buyback programme278
9. Changes in share capital280
10. Securities giving access to the share capital – Potential dilution280
11. Information on transactions in securities by Directors or persons mentioned in Article L. 621-18-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code281
12. Authorisations to issue securities granted to the Board of Directors at the Combined General Meetings of 9 June 2020 and 26 May 2021281
12.1. Issue with pre-emptive subscription rights281
12.2. Issue without pre-emptive subscription rights282
12.3. Authorisations for issues reserved for employees and company officers without pre-emptive subscription rights282
13. Information required by Article L. 22-10-11 of the French Commercial Code relating to public tender or exchange offers282
14. Monthly share prices and trading volumes on Euronext Paris283
15. Share price performance284
16. Dividend per share284
8. Additional information285
1. Articles of Association286
1.1. Board of Directors286
1.2. Executive Management289
1.3. General Meetings290
2. Person responsible for the Universal Registration Document and information on the auditing of the Company’s financial statements292
2.1. Person responsible for the Universal Registration Document292
2.2. Information relating to the Statutory Auditors292
3. Provisional reporting timetable293
4. Regulatory disclosures in 2021293
5. Documents available to the public294
9. General Meeting295
1. Agenda296
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting296
Requiring the approval of the Extraordinary General Meeting296
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting297
2. Summary of resolutions297
2.1 Ordinary General Meeting297
2.2. Extraordinary General Meeting300
2.3. Ordinary General Meeting302
3. Text of the resolutions303
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting303
Requiring the approval of the Extraordinary General Meeting306
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting312
4. Special report of the Board of Directors313
Statement by the person responsible for the Universal Registration Document314
Cross-reference table for the 2021 Universal Registration Document320
Cross-reference tables for the Management Report323
Cross-reference table for the report on corporate governance325
Cross-reference table for the Annual Financial Report327

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