2021 Universal Registration Document


Chairman’s message

Sopra Steria had a good year in 2021. We comfortably achieved the performance targets set at the beginning of the year. The 1.1 percentage point upturn in our operating margin on business activity was gratifying and supports the prospect of a continuing improvement in our profitability over the medium term. I want to thank Executive Management and every one of the Group’s employees for this performance in 2021. We operate in a world that’s been in the grip of major trans- formations for several years now. Amid inescapable economic globalisation, an unprecedented pandemic has brought new challenges to light. Environmental risks are becoming increasingly conspicuous, fostering wides- pread awareness across the whole of society. The phenome- non of digitalisation has now spread well beyond the econo- mic sphere, affecting all human activity.

Against this backdrop and as we emerge from the Covid crisis, which has accelerated some of these trends, our industry sector cannot help but undergo a reconfiguration of greater or lesser scale. It’s up to us to anticipate and be ready for whatever changes lie ahead. It is in this spirit that we will be stepping up work on our five- year plan in 2022. Without calling into question its foundations (independence, developing digital services businesses under- pinned by consulting and sof- tware), we’ll be revisiting the elements that make up this plan and strengthening or adjusting them where appropriate. Sopra Steria began 2022 with the announcement of a change in its Executive Management. The Board of Directors has decided to appoint Cyril Malargé to head up the Group in place of Vincent Paris, who is keen to step back after spending more than 30

years with the Group, including a successful seven-year stint as Chief Executive. There’s no doubt in my mind that the management transition will be seamless. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, I’ll continue to give my full support to the new Executive Management team as it seeks to drive forward ambitious plans involving all our stakeholders – employees, shareholders, customers and partners – and aimed at delivering strong financial performance while making a sustainable, enlighte- ned and human-centred contri- bution to society.

“I want to thank Executive Management and every one of the Group’s employees for this performance in 2021.”

Pierre Pasquier Chairman and Founder, Sopra Steria Group



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