2021 Universal Registration Document

8 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Provisional reporting timetable

First appointed: 2005. Mazars – 61 rue Henri-Regnault, Tour Exaltis, 92400 Courbevoie (France). p Represented by Bruno Pouget. Appointment expiring at the General Meeting convened to approve the 2023 financial statements. First appointed: 2000. b. Alternate Statutory Auditors Pimpaneau & Associés – 31 rue Henri-Rochefort, 75017 Paris (France). Appointment expiring at the General Meeting convened to p approve the 2021 financial statements.

Provisional reporting timetable 3.

Publication date


Meeting date

Thursday, 24 February 2022 before market open Friday, 29 April 2022 before market open Wednesday, 1 June 2022 (2:30 p.m.) Thursday, 28 July 2022 before market open Friday, 28 October 2022 before market open

2021 full-year revenue and earnings

24 February 2022

Q1 2022 revenue

29 April 2022 1 June 2022 28 July 2022

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2022 half-year revenue and earnings

Q3 2022 revenue

28 October 2022

The full-year and half-year results are published in press releases and are presented at meetings, which are also made available as bilingual webcasts in French and English. Q1 and Q3 revenue is published in press releases and presented on conference calls in French and English.

Regulatory disclosures in 2021 4.

Press releases for ongoing disclosure obligation 4.1.

28/04/2021 p Combined General Meeting of 26 May 2021 – Arrangements for making preparatory documents available 28/04/2021 p Q1 2021 revenue 08/04/2021 p The General Meeting of 26 May 2021 will be held in closed session on an exceptional basis 18/03/2021 p Press release containing regulated information – Press

21/12/2021 p Sopra Steria finalises the acquisition of EVA Group, a French cybersecurity firm 29/10/2021 p Q3 2021 revenue 22/10/2021 p Update of Sopra Steria’s 2022 financial calendar 12/10/2021 p Sopra Steria announces its plans to acquire EVA Group, a French cybersecurity firm, and continues to expand in the critical digital trust market 08/10/2021 p Sopra Steria Group: 2022 financial calendar 07/10/2021 p Second place in the Transparency ranking; Sopra Steria wins the 2021 award for the meeting brochure at the Grands Prix de la Transparence 20/09/2021 p Press release dated 20 September 2021 30/07/2021 p Publication of the 2021 Half-Year Financial Report 29/07/2021 p 2021 Half-year results 24/06/2021 p Proposed acquisition of Labs, a Norwegian user experience consultancy 27/05/2021 p Introduction of a long-term incentive plan based on performance shares 26/05/2021 p Combined General Meeting of 26 May 2021 – Results of voting 26/05/2021 p The General Meeting will be held in closed session at Studio Vendôme, Paris (France)

release announcing publication of the 2020 xHTML Universal Registration Document/Annual Financial Report

26/02/2021 p 2020 Full-year results 04/01/2021 p Sopra Banking Software finalises the acquisition of

Fidor Solutions, the software subsidiary and digital banking specialist of next-generation bank Fidor Bank

Universal Registration Document (formerly Registration 4.2. Document) including the Annual Financial Report and updates

18/03/2021 p 2020 Universal Registration Document

Interim financial report 4.3.

30/07/2021 p 2021 Half-year financial report



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