2021 Universal Registration Document


Engaging our stakeholders to meet their needs better

300 start-ups added to the Group’s value proposition in Europe under the Sopra Steria Ventures p programme Partnerships with leading market vendors to increase added value for our clients. Strategic partners: p Axway, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Dassault Systems; leading players in cloud computing: AWS, Google, OVH; major technology players: Pega, Red Hat, Salesforce, Orange, Talend, UIpath, Informatica, Microfocus Partnerships with universities and research institutes to pursue innovation-related projects, in the p Group’s key geographies. Sopra Steria contributes to work in education and research, involves researchers in its projects and develops innovative solutions (artificial intelligence; virtual, augmented and mixed reality; Internet of Things; data) Digital environmental sustainability: joined NegaOctet, the European Climate Pact and the European p Green Digital Coalition. Digital sovereignty: Sopra Steria joined the Franco-German Gaia-X initiative (European Association for p Data and Cloud) Digital ethics: Partnered with the Human Technology Foundation on data altruism p Assessment by EcoVadis of suppliers accounting for over 100% of target 2021 expenditure p Inclusive purchases made via STPA comprising sheltered workshops and other organisations p that specifically employ people with disabilities in France Streamlined access provided to suppliers applying diversity and equal opportunity criteria p SBTi targets incorporating the suppliers’ environmental commitments p Gradual inclusion in the net-zero emissions programme of our purchases of goods and services that are p part of the supply chain, with a target of 50% in 2027 and 100% in 2028 The Group earned a score of A in CDP’s 2021 Supplier Engagement Leader rating for its leadership p and performance in engaging its suppliers on climate change Publication of a white paper titled “Digital technology and human fragility”, in partnership with Agence p Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives, to coincide with the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation’s 20th anniversary Digital accessibility: awareness raised among 8,400+ employees p More than 174 projects supporting local communities and regions p Over 800 volunteers on community outreach programmes p Two community-focused digital projects, Clic&Moi and H’ability, won the Entreprendre pour Demain p Grand Prix awarded by the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation Direct and indirect contribution to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) p Chair of Global Compact France’s GC Advanced Club and of Global Compact Norway’s Advisory Board p Sopra Steria joined Association de l’Économie Numérique (ACSEL) p




Helping our clients with 4.2. innovation and digital sustainability CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 4.2.1.

Group’s responses in a wide range of contexts were very warmly welcomed by clients, thus strengthening local relationships of trust. Preferred partner Sopra Steria has been selected, through its Aeroline vertical, as a preferred partner of Airbus for input into engineering activities with its design team, industrial department and customer services department. This vote of confidence from Airbus affirms Sopra Steria’s ambition and commitment in relation to forward-looking engineering and the Group’s associated major transformation programmes. Digital technology is a key driver of business transformation. Sopra Steria is supporting its clients as they transition to a net-zero emissions economy and work towards ethical practices and an inclusive and resilient economy. The Group has made this goal its third ESG priority, details of which are set out in section 1.2. in paragraph "Our three ESG priorities" (page 101). Its value propositions are broken down as follows: Optimising consumption and the environmental footprint of p digital technology; Foster the emergence of new behaviours and uses in support of p a carbon-free economy; Developing inclusive services accessible to all; p Supporting ethical digital practices; p INCLUDING DIGITAL SUSTAINABILITY IN OUR 4.2.2. VALUE PROPOSITION

The primacy of customer service is one of Sopra Steria’s core values and delivering customer satisfaction is a key priority. Combining added value with innovative high-performance services, the Group excels in guiding its clients through their transformation projects to help them make the most of digital technology. To supplement arrangements already in place to regularly interact with clients, at the beginning of 2021 the Group surveyed strategic clients in its key countries through its annual Customer Voice survey, first run in 2019. The satisfaction rate of the 100 strategic clients surveyed was over 80% in both surveys. The qualities highlighted during interviews revolve around expertise, listening, proactivity, partnership, engagement and professionalism. The Group has decided to focus on delivering more breakthrough innovations as a priority for improvement. This survey is set to be rerun annually across the entire Group. Following pandemic-related lockdowns, the Group helped its clients quickly adapt their working arrangements. The agility of and speed of intervention by Sopra Steria staff, as well as the quality of services provided, harnessing the full potential of digital technology, enabled clients to maintain good levels of activity. The



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