2021 Universal Registration Document



At end-December 2021, the Group’s net headcount increased by 1,477 employees. The Group had a total workforce of 47,437 employees, up from 45,960 at 31 December 2020. Staff employed at international service centres (India, Poland, Spain, etc.) represented 18.3% of the total workforce. The Group also added 650 subcontractors in 2021. The workforce attrition rate rose to 16.0% in 2021, but remained below its 2019 level (17.6%).

EVA Group – a French cybersecurity firm p On 21 December 2021, EVA Group was added to Sopra Steria’s scope of consolidation. The proposed acquisition was announced on 12 October 2021. This transaction is a key step toward positioning Sopra Steria as one of the top three players in the French cybersecurity market; EGGS Design – a consulting firm specialising in digital service p design On 2 December 2021, EGGS Design, a consulting firm specialising in digital service design, was added to Sopra Steria’s scope of consolidation. The proposed acquisition was announced on 29 October 2021. EGGS Design employs around 120 consultants who assist their clients in developing service strategies and designing brand platforms. It has locations in Norway’s four biggest cities (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger) as well as in Denmark (Copenhagen); Labs – a Norwegian user experience consultancy p On 30 September 2021, the Group finalised its acquisition of Labs, a consultancy specialising in the digital user experience. The proposed acquisition was announced on 24 June 2021. Labs is based in Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city. It employs around fifty consultants specialised in digital services to help transform the customer experience. This acquisition bolsters Sopra Steria’s consulting activities in Norway in highly promising digital markets. Infrastructure and technical 6.7. facilities A total of €42.7 million was invested in 2021 in infrastructure and

Social and environmental 6.5. footprint

Sopra Steria sees its contribution to society as sustainable, human-focused and purposeful, guided by the firm belief that making digital work for people is a source of opportunity and progress. With regard to the environment, on 7 December 2021, CDP confirmed that Sopra Steria had made its A List – recognising the world’s most transparent and most proactive companies in the fight against climate change – for the 5th year in a row. With regard to social responsibility , in March 2021 Sopra Steria became a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) established by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, reaffirming its commitment to gender equality. The main imperatives are to attract more women to the digital services sector and increase the proportion of women in the Group’s management bodies. Sopra Steria has set a target for women to make up at least 30% of its Executive Committee membership by 2025. The Group also renewed its commitments to equal opportunity, notably in July 2021 by signing on to the LGBT+ Commitment Charter established by L’Autre Cercle . More generally, Sopra Steria places great importance on the management of its human resources . The survey conducted across the Group’s entire workforce in 2021 found that 72% of its employees would recommend Sopra Steria as a great place to work, making virtually all of our entities eligible for Great Place to Work® certification. External growth transactions 6.6. and acquisitions in financial year 2021 During financial year 2021, Sopra Steria announced the following key transactions: Subsequent events 7. The Board of Directors decided on 12 January 2022 to implement a new We Share employee share ownership plan by adopting the same features as the previous plans, given their success. The plan involves the transfer of existing shares. On 22 February 2022, the Group signed an agreement with its partner banks consisting of a €1,100 million non-amortising multi-currency credit facility tied to the achievement of

technical facilities, as against €27.8 million in 2020. Investments in facilities comprised the following: land and buildings: €0.5m; p fixtures, fittings and furniture: €23.0m; p IT: €19.2m. p

Targets for 2022 6.8. Organic revenue growth of between 5% and 6% p Operating margin on business activity of between 8.5% and 9.0% p Free cash flow of around €250 million p

environmental goals. This agreement replaced the existing revolving multi-currency credit facility. It has an initial term of five years and may optionally be extended for two periods of one year each. Furthermore, the current syndicated loan, amortising until 2023, was repaid in full. No other subsequent events occurred after the end of financial year 2021.



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