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Engaging our stakeholders to meet their needs better

by Cédric O, France’s Secretary of State for Digital Transition. The “Digital technology and human fragility” white paper, produced in partnership with Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives to coincide with the Foundation’s 20th anniversary, lists inspiring practices and recommended ways forward. The 2021 Prix Entreprendre pour Demain awards, which recognise students and young entrepreneurs, were announced during the programme. The winning projects from 2020 also moved forward with the help of their sponsors. Following the FarmIA connected agriculture project at Télécom Sud Paris, Sopra Steria will be involved in the school’s Digital Technology and Environment teaching chair for three years starting in 2022. The Opopop project to reduce the amount of packaging used in e-commerce was incubated at Planetic Lab and achieved growth of 30% a month in 2021. In 2022, the company plans to sign up major e-tailers for a pilot and complete a new funding round. In 2021, the Foundation supported 17 digital community projects with a social or environmental dimension sponsored by employees. For example, non-profit organisation Adiléos, which runs a digital services portal for marginalised or disadvantaged people and their social workers, finalised its accommodation assistance service and launched a new mobile application to facilitate contact between recipients and their social workers. In Spain , the partnership with the Balia Foundation was extended. This partnership aims to boost the employability of young women and young people in insecure jobs through training and mentoring provided by Sopra Steria volunteers. A new “Women and ICT” programme was launched to help equip socially excluded women with digital skills. In Norway , Sopra Steria continues, with the help of volunteers, to provide computing classes for female immigrants and coding classes During the coronavirus crisis in 2020, the Group set up digital platforms to support and manage employee engagement in this area in France and the United Kingdom. Sopra Banking Software launched two new platforms in 2021, in Morocco and Tunisia. In France, over 1,200 employees registered with the Vendredi platform and undertook volunteering and skills sponsorship projects with 56 non-profit organisations, with an engagement rate of 10%. In the United Kingdom, nearly 1,500 employees have taken part in fundraising and volunteering activities for hundreds of causes since the Benevity platform was launched in September 2020. Prix Entreprendre pour Demain (Entrepreneurship for tomorrow awards) recognise young people working to develop digital solutions that address social and environmental issues. Winners receive financial and operational support to bring their projects to fruition, with the help of Group mentors. In 2021, the “Digital technology and human fragility” award was sponsored by Frédéric Bardeau, co-founder and chairman of Simplon, a social enterprise that offers free technical training in digital skills. The “Student” award went to the team Clic&Moi, which offers simple, personalised, low-cost digital training while promoting strong and unique intergenerational bonds. H’ability, which won the 2021 “Young Entrepreneur” award, is a fun and immersive virtual reality solution specially designed for the functional rehabilitation of people with hemiplegia. for children from disadvantaged suburbs. Employee engagement platforms Prix Entreprendre pour Demain The Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation’s

Tech for Good partnerships In 2021, the Tech for Good programme, which was launched in the United Kingdom in 2019, continued to work with local communities in the field of digital inclusion and education, with the help of Sopra Steria. Partnerships with non-profit organisations like Career Ready Mentoring, Apps for Good and Micro-Tyco Innovate (WildHearts Group) offer employees opportunities to share their skills through long-term tutoring, expertise in mobile apps that serve the public interest, and career guidance and support. For example, a programme has been put in place with Career Ready Mentoring to provide volunteer tutoring in disadvantaged schools in England and Scotland followed by summer internships at Sopra Steria. Water rights Sopra Steria has for several years been supporting international organisations working in particular to protect the oceans through financial sponsorship and skills. The main organisations supported are: Fondation de la Mer: the partnership that began in 2020 p continued, supporting educational initiatives and encouraging young people to take action to protect the ocean. Projects are also available to employees in France via the Vendredi platform; Join for Water: this integrated water management programme p launched in Uganda in 2019 runs employee awareness-raising campaigns including the distribution of reusable flasks; In Germany, Sopra Steria supports Fleetenkieker e.V, a non-profit p organisation that works to protect the environment and water, particularly in Hamburg, using boats to clean up the waters of the Alster river; A programme to install drinking water towers at a number of p schools in India has been underway for several years. This section provides a summary description of Sopra Steria’s vigilance plan. As laid down in the Act of 27 March 2017 on the duty of care, it sets out reasonable vigilance measures aimed at identifying risks and preventing serious violations in respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety, and the environment. These risks and serious violations include those resulting from the following: Activities of the Company and of the companies it controls, p within the meaning of Article L. 233-16 of the French Commercial Code, whether directly or indirectly and across the Group’s entire scope of operations; Activities of subcontractors or suppliers with which Sopra Steria p Group has business relations, in France and around the world; The vigilance plan was prepared by the main departments p responsible for the areas covered by the duty of vigilance: Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Human Resources, Purchasing, Industrial and Legal. This plan was presented and subsequently signed off by the Group Executive Committee. It was also presented to the Works Council when the initiative was launched. In addition, prior to preparing the plan, the results of the Group’s risk mapping exercise are aligned with the materiality matrix of corporate responsibility issues. The vigilance plan is reviewed each year, in light of possible developments in risks and the effectiveness of mitigation measures put in place. Furthermore, reasonable vigilance measures are implemented gradually for newly acquired Duty of vigilance 4.7. and vigilance plan



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