2021 Universal Registration Document


Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

“A fundamental requirement of our day-to-day activities is that they must contribute to a more sustainable world”

The latest Great Place to Work survey, conducted across the whole of the Group in 2021, shows that nearly three quarters of employees think Sopra Steria is a great place to work. Similarly, Sopra Steria is now one of the top-performing companies in the market when it comes to diversity. As regards our environmental policy, we are convinced that we must work together to anticipate the far-reaching changes that lie ahead, drawing on the potential offered by new technologies. For almost 10 years now, we’ve been pursuing a major programme to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and help combat climate change. But it’s also incumbent on us to consider our impact over and above our direct activities. The Group’s indirect activities are gradually being factored into our target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2028. In this way, we’re involving the whole of our value chain – employees, customers, suppliers and partners – in a process of continuous improvement. These efforts were recently once again recognised in the CDP Climate Change ranking, with the Group featuring in the A List – the highest level of recognition for environmental and climate action – for the fifth year running.

But being a responsible business also means looking out for the most vulnerable in society. The quickening pace of digitalisation during the public health crisis has only further exacerbated existing inequalities in relation to digital technology. As a major player in digital transformation, we also have a responsibility to help work towards an ethical and inclusive digital society. We’ve historically carried this responsibility together with all our employees across all of the Group’s geographies. In 2021, to coincide with the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation’s 20th anniversary, the Group conducted a survey in partnership with Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives and published a white paper titled “Digital technology and human fragility” setting out inspiring practices to help ensure that digital technology helps build a better society rather than creating new obstacles. A fundamental requirement of our day-to- day activities is that they must contribute to a more sustainable world. I’m proud of our people’s commitment and motivation in working to ensure that Sopra Steria is a responsible company that serves the common good.

Cyril Malargé Chief Executive Officer

Our strategy in relation to corporate responsibility is to be a company that’s committed to tackling the key issues that face society today, drawing on our ethical principles and values, while setting ambitious and meaningful targets that create value for all our stakeholders. To help meet the Group’s challenges, we’ve kicked off a major transformation program rooted in professional excellence and employee engagement. Our employment policy, which relies on hiring the best talent and developing skills aligned with the most demanding market standards, ensures that people – both individually and collectively – are at the heart of our approach to managing human resources.

Foreword For this fourth annual Statement of Non-Financial Performance (SNFP) , Sopra Steria is publishing in its Universal Registration Document (formerly known as the Registration Document) a Corporate Responsibility Report including information relevant to the key non-financial risks to which the Group is exposed (workforce-related, environmental and social information and information relating to human rights and the prevention of corruption and tax evasion). In addition to the information that is required to be included as a mandatory part of the SNFP, this document voluntarily includes all useful and important workforce-related, environmental and social information under the banner of Sopra Steria’s corporate responsibility programme. A description of the Group’s business model is set out in the “Business model and value chain” section of the integrated presentation of Sopra Steria that forms part of this Universal Registration Document (pages 10 and 11). Key risks, methodology and policies, procedures and actions associated with managing and controlling those risks, including non- financial risks, are set out in Chapter 2 of this Universal Registration Document (pages 37 to 52).



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