2021 Universal Registration Document


History and corporate plan

More than 50 years of continuous growth and transformation

IT services driving the modernisation of society

Financial performance at the heart of strategy

Creation of Sopra: 1968 Creation of Steria: 1969 1968-69


Sopra’s IPO on NYSE Euronext Paris 1990

Steria’s IPO on NYSE Euronext Paris 1999


Acquisition of Mummert Consulting 2005

Driving digital transformation


SSCL contract with the UK government 2013

Creation of Sopra Banking Software 2012

Axway’s IPO 2011

Acquisition of Xansa, BPO expert 2007

Sopra Steria: birth of a European leader in digital transformation

Creation of Sopra HR Software

A new dimension, focused on our development and competitive edge


2021 Acquisitions

Acquisition of CIMPA 2015

Acquisitions of Cassiopae, Kentor, 2MoRO and Galitt 2017


Acquisition of SAB and SFT (JV with Sparda) 2019 Launch of the Consulting brand: Sopra Steria Next

Acquisition of Sodifrance(France), cxpartners (UK) and Fidor Solutions for Sopra Banking Software

Acquisitions of - BLUECARAT and It-economics in Germany - O.R. System and Apak by Sopra Banking Software

of EVA Group specialised in cybersecurity (France), EGGS Design and Labs (Norway)

Sopra Steria was formed from the 2014 merger between Sopra and Steria, two of France’s longest-standing digital services companies founded in 1968 and 1969 respectively. Both companies have always been driven by entrepreneurial spirit and a collective commitment to meeting clients’ needs. The Group is now a European leader in digital transformation solutions.

Key points of the corporate plan

An independent model An independent model built on long-term vision and business perfor- mance, upholding the Group’s res- ponsibilities to the environment and to its stakeholders as a good corporate citizen.

Entrepreneurial culture Agility, rapid decision-making, and speed of execution are hard-wired into Sopra Steria’s DNA. Our ethos is predicated on an unwavering focus on client service, autonomous decision- making, collective endeavour and respect for others

Importance of human capital

A rigorous talent-focused human resources policy combining strong collective mindset and the development of employees’ skills.

See Chapter 1 for more information

A key shareholder backing the corporate plan

Other investors 4.8%

Individual investors 11.0%

Treasury shares 0.4%

Sopra GMT 19.6% (29.8%)

Controlled share ownership

French institutional investors 26.6%

20,547,701 listed shares. 26,431,305 exercisable voting rights. XX.X% = percentage of share capital held. (XX.X%) = percentage of exercisable voting rights. TPI survey of identifiable owners of shares at 31/12/2021 - Ownership threshold of over 1,000 shares.

Breakdown of share capital at 31/12/2021

and interests managed on behalf of employees 28.1% (41.5%)

Founders & Managers 2.7% (3.9%)

Interests managed on behalf of employees 5.8% (7.8%)

International institutional investors 29.1%

See Chapter 7 for more information



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