2021 Universal Registration Document


a matching contribution of one free share for every share purchased. The plan is limited to a total of 200,000 shares: 100,000 shares purchased by employees and 100,000 matching free shares granted by Sopra Steria. Under these plans employees must purchase their shares on the market.

They enable employees to benefit durably from the long-term success of the Group’s corporate plan and performance. In addition to their motivational power, employee share ownership plans help foster a sense of belonging and inclusion, since almost 96% of the total workforce is eligible for these Group-wide programmes.

Voting rights 4. At 31 December 2021, the total number of voting rights that could be exercised was 26,431,305 and the total number of theoretical voting rights was 26,511,279. In accordance with the decision made at the Combined General Meeting of 27 June 2014, double voting rights were introduced on

7 July 2014 for all fully paid-up shares held in registered form in the same shareholder’s name for at least two years. At 31 December 2021, 5,963,587 shares (representing 29.0% of the share capital) held double voting rights.

Threshold crossings 5.

In 2021, no statutory shareholding thresholds were crossed that required a report to be filed with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

Shareholder(s) having crossed the threshold(s)

Crossing of threshold(s) in voting rights

Date threshold(s) crossed

Crossing of threshold(s) in capital

% of capital held

Number of voting rights

% voting rights held

AMF Declaration

Number of shares












Article 30 of the Company’s Articles of Association states that the “Rights to shareholder information – Disclosure obligations” “All shareholders are entitled to obtain the documents necessary to enable them to make informed decisions regarding the management and operations of the Company.

The documentation required and its availability to shareholders is established by law and in regulations. Any shareholder who holds more than 3% or more than 4% of the Company’s capital shall inform the Company in the same manner and based on the same methods of calculation as required with respect to legal thresholds.”

Shareholders’ agreements 6.

Agreement between Sopra GMT, Pasquier and Odin families, and management

an undertaking by the parties to act in concert so as to p implement shared strategies and, in general, to approve any significant decisions; an undertaking by the parties to act in concert in connection with p the appointment of the members of Sopra Steria Group’s management bodies and the renewal of these appointments, by which the senior managers agree to facilitate the appointment of any individuals proposed by the Pasquier and Odin family groups and Sopra GMT; an undertaking by the parties to act in concert in order to ensure p that they always jointly hold at least 30% of the capital and voting rights of Sopra Steria Group;

A shareholders’ agreement constituting an action in concert was concluded, for a two-year term, on 7 December 2009 between the Pasquier and Odin family groups, Sopra GMT, Sopra Développement and a group of senior managers. It is automatically renewable for subsequent terms of two years. This agreement includes the following main provisions:



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