Sopra Steria - 2019 Universal registration document

Integrated presentation of Sopra Steria3
Message from the Chairman4
Key figures for 20195
History and corporate plan6
Our mission and values7
Corporate responsibility8
Business model and…10
… The value creation chain11
Breakdown of operations and employees12
Strategy and objectives13
Risk management14
Financial performance15
Dialogue with investors16
1. Business overview and strategies19
1. Sopra Steria Group at a glance20
2. History of Sopra Steria Group20
3. Overview of the digital services sector21
3.1. Main markets – Competitive environment of the digital services sector21
4. Sopra Steria’s activities22
4.1. A major European player in digital transformation22
4.2. Business expertise at the heart of our strategy25
4.3. Research and Development in Solutions27
5. Strategy and objectives28
5.1. Strong and original positioning in Europe28
5.2. Confirmed objectives and priority action areas28
5.3. Medium-term strategic objectives30
6. 2019 Full-year results30
6.1. Comments on 2019 performance30
6.2. Comments on the components of net profit attributable to the Group and net cash position in financial year 201931
6.3. Proposed dividend in respect of financial year 201931
6.4. Workforce31
6.5. Social and environmental footprint32
7. Key events and recent developments32
7.1. Key events during the year32
7.2. Recent developments32
8. Simplified Group structure at 31 December 201933
9. Group organisation34
9.1. Permanent structure34
9.2. Temporary structures for specific deals and projects35
2. Risk factors and internal control37
1. Risk factors38
1.1. Risk mapping exercise and methodology38
1.2. Summary overview of risk factors39
1.3. Detailed presentation of risk factors40
2. Insurance47
3. Internal control and risk management47
3.1. Objectives and framework for the internal control and risk management system47
3.2. Scope48
3.3. Components of the internal control and risk management system48
3.4. Participants in internal control and risk management49
3.5. Assessment and continuous improvement process51
4. Procedures relating to the preparation and processing of accounting and financial information52
4.1. Coordination of the accounting and financial function52
4.2. Preparation of the published accounting and financial information53
3. Corporate governance55
1. Organisation and operation of governance56
1.1. Executive company officers56
1.2. Board of Directors57
1.3. Preparation and organisation of the work of the Board of Directors78
2. Compensation policy85
2.1. Policy outline85
2.2. Executive company officers86
2.3. Board of Directors89
3. Implementation of compensation policy applicable to executive company officers over the past five years; fairness ratio90
3.1. Chairman of the Board of Directors90
3.2. Chief Executive Officer91
4. Standardised presentation of compensation paid to company officers92
5. Departures from the guidelines set forth in the Afep-Medef Code100
4. Corporate responsibility101
1. Sopra Steria, a committed and responsible Group, making a sustainable, human and enlightened contribution103
1.1. Overview of the Group’s corporate responsibility strategy and governance103
1.2. Major recognition107
1.3. Overview of reporting scope107
2. Social responsibility: A committed and responsible collective109
2.1. Responsible employment challenges109
2.2. Other labour-related information114
3. Societal responsibility: engaging all our stakeholders to build a positive future for all116
3.1. Dialogue with stakeholders116
3.2 Innovation and stategic partnerships117
3.3. Responsibility in digital118
3.4. Responsible purchasing119
3.5. Community and patronage120
3.6. Regional impact121
4. Environmental responsibility: innovating to address climate change and protecting the environment along our value chain122
4.1. Major commitments defined with leading global organisations122
4.2. Environmental challenges: Opportunities for the Group123
4.3. A Group recognised for its environmental commitment and action123
4.4. Targets and key achievements124
4.5. Climate change : A challenge we can anticipate and control129
5. Ethics and compliance130
5.1. Governance and organisation130
5.2. Policies and procedures130
5.3. Measures to prevent and combat corruption131
5.4. Tax regulations and transparency132
5.5. Data protection132
5.6. Duty of care and vigilance plan132
6. SDG/GRI/TCFD-CDSB cross-reference table134
7. Annex: Social and environmental indicators137
7.1. Summary of social indicators137
7.2. Summary of environmental indicators144
8. Report by the independent third party on the consolidated statement of non-financial performance presented in the management report149
5. 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements153
Consolidated statement of net income154
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income155
Consolidated statement of financial position156
Consolidated statement of changes in equity157
Consolidated cash flow statement158
Notes to the consolidated financial statements159
Statutory Auditors’ report on the consolidated financial statements220
6. 2019 Parent Company Financial Statements225
Cash flow statement226
Income statement227
Balance sheet228
1. Company description229
2. Significant events229
3. Accounting policies229
4. Notes to the income statement230
4.1. Operating income230
4.2. Staff costs and employee benefits231
4.3. Financial items232
4.4. Exceptional items233
4.5. Corporate income tax233
5. Notes to the balance sheet235
5.1. Non-current assets235
5.2. Other assets239
5.3. Equity241
5.4. Provisions for contingencies and losses242
5.5. Other liabilities243
5.6. Maturities of receivables and payables at the balance sheet date248
6. Other information249
6.1. Information on finance leases249
6.2. Off balance sheet commitments249
6.3. Exceptional events and legal disputes250
6.4. Subsequent events250
6.5. Summary for the last five financial years251
6.6. Maturity schedule of trade payables and receivables251
Statutory Auditors’ report on the parent company financial statements253
Statutory Auditors’ special report on related-party agreements257
7. Share ownership structure259
1. General information260
2. Share ownership structure261
3. Employee share ownership262
4. Voting rights262
5. Threshold crossings262
6. Shareholders’ agreements263
6.1. Agreement between Sopra GMT, Pasquier and Odin families, and management263
6.2. Agreement between Sopra GMT and Soderi: expired 12 August 2019263
7. Control264
7.1. Breakdown of voting rights264
7.2. Members of the Board of Directors264
7.3 Measures to govern the control exercised by Sopra GMT264
8. Share buyback programme264
8.1. Implementation of the share buyback programme in 2019264
8.2. Description of the 2020 share buyback programme265
9. Changes in share capital266
10. Securities giving access to the share capital – Potential dilution266
11. Information on transactions in securities by Directors or persons mentioned in Article L. 621-18-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code267
12. Authorisations to issue securities granted to the Board of Directors at the Combined General Meetings of 12 June 2018 and 12 June 2019267
12.1. Issue with pre-emptive subscription rights267
12.2. Issue without pre-emptive subscription rights268
12.3. Authorisations for issues reserved for employees and company officers without pre-emptive subscription rights268
13. Information required by Act 2006-387 of 31 March 2006 relating to public takeover offers269
14 Monthly share prices and trading volumes on Euronext Paris270
15. Share price performance270
16. Dividend per share271
8. Additional information273
1. Disclosures arising from specific obligations – Other risks274
1.1. Environmental risks274
1.2. Financial risks274
1.3 Legal and tax risks277
2. Articles of Association278
2.1. Board of Directors278
2.2. Executive Management281
2.3. General Meetings282
3. Person responsible for the Universal Registration Document and information on the auditing of the Company’s financial statements284
3.1. Person responsible for the Universal Registration Document284
3.2. Information relating to the Statutory Auditors284
4. Provisional reporting timetable284
5. Regulatory disclosures in 2019285
6. Documents on display286
9. General meeting287
1. Agenda288
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting288
Requiring the approval of the Extraordinary General Meeting288
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting289
2. Summary of resolutions289
2.1. Ordinary General Meeting289
2.2. Extraordinary General Meeting291
2.3. Ordinary General Meeting304
3. Proposed resolutions307
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting307
Requiring the approval of the Extraordinary General Meeting310
Requiring the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting320
4. Special reports of the Board of Directors321
Statement by the person responsible for the Universal Registration Document323
Cross-reference table329

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