Sopra Steria - 2019 Universal registration document


Group organisation 9.

Members of the Sopra Steria Executive Committee: Vincent Paris, Chief Executive Officer; p John Torrie, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, United Kingdom; p Laurent Giovachini, Deputy Chief Executive Officer; p Eric Pasquier, Sopra Banking Software; p Pierre-Yves Commanay, Continental Europe; p Cyril Malargé, France; p Xavier Pecquet, Key Accounts and Partnerships, Vertical Aeroline; p Jean-Claude Lamoureux, Sopra Steria Next (Consulting); p Urs Kraemer, Germany; p Étienne du Vignaux, Finance; p William Ferré, Industrial Approach; p Yvane Bernard-Hulin, Legal; p Fabienne Mathey-Girbig, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable p Development; Christophe de Tapol, Strategy; p Mohammed Sijelmassi, Technology; p Jean-Charles Tarlier, Human Resources Development. p Group Management Committee The Group Management Committee consists of the members of the Executive Committee and 28 directors of key countries and subsidiaries, key entities and functional divisions (Audit, HR, Communications, Finance, Commerce, Industrial Department, Internal Control and Investor Relations). Six of its members are women. TIER 2: SUBSIDIARIES OR COUNTRIES 9.1.2. These are the main operating entities. Their scope corresponds to one of the following: a specific line of business (consulting and systems integration, p business solutions, infrastructure management, cybersecurity, business process services); geographic area (country). p These entities are managed by their own Management Committee, comprising in particular the Director and management of tier 3 entities. TIER 3: DIVISIONS 9.1.3. Each country or subsidiary is made up of divisions based on two criteria: vertical market; p geographic area (region). p

Sopra Steria Group’s governance consists of a Board of Directors, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officers. The organisation is supported by a permanent operational and functional structure as well as temporary structures for the management of particular deals and projects. Sopra GMT, the holding company that takes an active role in managing the Group, takes part in conducting Group operations through: its presence on the Board of Directors and the three Board p committees; a tripartite assistance agreement entered into with Sopra Steria p and Axway, concerning services relating to strategic decision-making, coordination of general policy between Sopra Steria and Axway, and the development of synergies between these two companies, as well as consulting and assistance services, particularly with respect to finance and control. Permanent structure 9.1. The Group’s permanent structure is composed of four operational tiers and their associated functional structures. TIER 1: EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT 9.1.1. AND THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Executive Management is represented by the Chief Executive Officer and the Deputy CEOs. Members of Executive Management as at 31 December 2019: Vincent Paris, Chief Executive Officer of Sopra Steria Group; p John Torrie, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sopra Steria Group p and Chief Executive Officer of Sopra Steria UK; Laurent Giovachini, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Sopra Steria p Group. The Executive Committee (ExCom) consists of Executive Management and the heads of the main operating and functional entities. The 16 members of Sopra Steria Group’s Executive Committee supervise the Group’s organisation, management system, major contracts and support functions and entities. They are involved in the Group’s strategic planning and implementation.



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