Sopra Steria - 2019 Universal registration document


Building a positive future for all

“We are a group on the move, anticipating and adapting to profound changes in society and new expectations from citizens.”

Lastly, in a world in which digital technology is increasingly gaining ascendancy over human involvement, we also have a responsibility not toallowthemost vulnerablegroups tobecome “digitally excluded”. We are working with local organisations and non-profits to foster access to digital technology and services as well as to develop innovative digital solutions to help people in precarious circumstances and those with disabilities. Every year, more and more of our employees join forces with the Group to support community projects that put digital inclusion and the potential offered by new technologies to work for the most disadvantaged in society. Our corporate responsibility policy is rooted in our conviction that labour-related, environmental and social performance now goes hand in hand with financial performance, and that they are mutually reinforcing. This balance between financial imperatives and the new challenges of a more sustainable society is a new paradigm for the company, and should help us build a positive future for all. These founding principles make Sopra Steria a unique and different group. We are a group on the move, anticipating and adapting to profound changes in society and new expectations from citizens.

With over 46,000 employees in 25 countries and almost 11,000 new hires in 2019, we have a significant impact on employment and local development. Recruitment is a high priority to serve the Group’s plans as well as a key responsibility in terms of economic activity in the areas in which we operate. We have been working for several years to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our business and lead our value chain in a continuous improvement process. These efforts were recently recognised and validated afresh by CDP Climate Change when it included the Group in its A List – the highest level of recognition – for the third year running. In response to the environmental urgency and our stakeholders’ expectations, we decided to strengthen our environmental policy for the coming years: from 2019, we set ourselves even more ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and stepped up our action programmes to design more environmentally responsible services and solutions, notably in the area of digital sustainability. These new targets, aligned with the trajectory of limiting average global warming to 1.5°C, have been validated by SBTi  (1) and aim to achieve 85% lower per-employee greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 relative to 2015.

Vincent Paris Chief Executive Officer

As a key player in the digital transformation, Sopra Steria has a responsibility to enter into commitments commensurate with the labour-related, environmental and social issues we all face. Because our people are our most valuable asset, the Group works to recruit and retain the best talent through a combination of our values, business line priorities and employees’ aspirations. We also pursue a highly engaged social policy in our relations with clients, partners, suppliers and public authorities to foster equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion for young people in the Group’s various entities and geographies.

Foreword For this second year of implementing new regulations on the disclosure of non-financial information, Sopra Steria is publishing a Corporate Responsibility Report within its Registration Document containing information (related to the Group’s workforce, the environment, society, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and tax evasion) that is relevant in light of the Group’s main non-financial risks, as required for the Statement of Non-Financial Performance, but also to voluntarily disclose all labour-related, environmental and social information deemed useful and important in the context of Sopra Steria’s Corporate Responsibility programme A description of the Group’s business model is provided in the introductory section “Business model and value chain” section of the integrated presentation of Sopra Steria on pages 8 and 9 of this Universal Registration Document.. Key risks, the methodology, and policies, procedures and actions associated with managing and controlling those risks – including non- financial risks – are set out in Chapter 2: “Risk factors and internal control”, on pages 35 to 42 of this Universal Registration Document

(1) SBTi: The Science Based Targets Initiative offers mathematical models for identifying the environmental footprint of activities so as to be able to set ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.



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