Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


Technology C.6

Worldline operates its business as one global factory that serves each of the Group’s Global Business Lines. Under this approach, Worldline continually seeks ways to leverage its industrial scale, processes based on standardized tools,

shared best practices and efficient use of global resources to deliver services at competitive prices. Worldline’s competence centers, IT platforms, data centers, and hardware are central

assets in this effort.

IT Platforms C.6.1

Worldline currently provides its payment acceptance, card and infrastructure, until its completion in 2021, with some non-card payment data processing, support to payment mean significant benefits crystallized in 2018 (Payments 2.0, issuance, fraud detection and dispute handling services, and migrations of front-end servers on Worldline Pay Front Office, Mobility and Transactional Services, using a set of separately go-live on Worldline Pay Issuing Back-Office among others). developed specialized IT platforms coming from continuous This will enable the full delivery on the European continent of investments carried over multi-years programs. The integration the scale benefits linked to the combined volumes of the plan is under execution and delivers the progressive former platforms, while freeing up capacities to invest in new convergence of these platforms towards a unified technological innovations.


Data Centers and Hardware C.6.2

In Europe, Worldline operates a network of eight interconnected, highly secure and fully redundant data centers the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Argentina, the USA, located in France, in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Russia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Lithuania, Latvia, and also Italy. Worldline’s European data center hub covers an area of in Luxembourg and Switzerland after the acquisition of Six more than 6,000 m 2 , and runs approximately 20,000 servers Payment Services. To benefit from maximum network with a storage capacity of approximately 18PB of data. In total, connectivity, the Group uses four European Worldline’s European hub data centers process approximately telecommunications centers (located in France, Belgium and 85% of the Group’s total transaction volumes. All of Worldline’s Germany) rented from external parties that are interconnected European hub data centers, which are tailored to fit the needs with its data centers through high capacity optical fiber of its specific businesses, are compliant with the Payment networks. Worldline’s data centers, networks, servers, and Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS and 3DS) telecommunications centers are operated and maintained by a required for payment service providers to accept, transmit or global infrastructure and operations team of approximately store cardholder data, and are also certified under ISO 9001 1,500 information technology experts. These data centers are distributed globally, and are located in

(quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management), DK (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft), as well as ISO 27001 (security). All of these data centers meet at least Tier 3 “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards”. Worldline’s European hub data center facilities are all connected for back-up and are compliant with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL V3) IT service management “best practice” standards and applicable banking standards. Worldline ensures that strict security measures are taken at all of the data centers it uses, including video surveillance, access control, a limited staff policy, infrastructure monitoring, annual risk management reviews, regular business continuity procedures and internal and customer audits. Worldline also operates a small data center in India. In addition, Worldline contracts to use a number of additional highly secure and standard certified data centers operated either by Atos or by other third party data center providers. In total, these data centers process approximately 15% of the Group’s total transaction volumes.

Since the announcement of the takeover of Ingenico, the hosting capacity of the newly formed Worldline Group has been considerably strengthened with data centers in New Zealand, USA, Australia, India, Canada, Turkey, France and Holland. A plan to consolidate these data centers is underway and has already made it possible to go from 13 to 5 data centers in Europe, all being ISO 27001 certified. The objective is to reduce to 3 in 2021 (2 in France, 1 in Holland), then to extend this consolidation in North America, and in Asia-Pacific. This consolidation was made possible by the construction of a centralized infrastructure, spread over 3 data centers to manage all of Ingenico’s processing activities. The Group has already started a reflection in order to define a global strategy for data centers around the world and to deliver the services of the new Group in the best efficient and reliable way.

Universal Registration Document 2020


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