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Sales and marketing C.7

Worldline commercializes and offers its products and services through multiple channels and business models. Sales and marketing activities take place on two primary dimensions: Global Business Lines : the management of each Global ● Business Line establishes the overall strategy to develop their portfolio offering in coordination with the various geographic entities. The Global Business Line managers also oversee sales initiatives and approve major bids using Worldline’s opportunity review and control governance methodologies named as “Arrow” and “Rapid” processes; Geographic markets : comprising of the regional sales ● teams – each led by a regional coordinator - covering one or more countries depending on the size of the markets in scope (Europe, Americas, Africa-Middle East and Asia) now operating in 50 countries with Ingenico’s integration. The Group’s sales efforts differ according to the client types: Large clients are managed by dedicated managers ● responsible for developing and strengthening the business strategyand relationships. To address client requests, the sales and technical teams work in close collaboration, specifically, to leverage solutions from the Group’s existing commercial portfolio and, where appropriate, build tailored ones using the available modules or components. Existing client’s business is developed through a systematic “client account planning” process, where the Group sets development goals, identifies up- and cross-selling opportunities and establishes an annual plan, while ensuring the quality and satisfaction on existing contracts. These annual plans contain both ad-hoc commercial actions and focused or customized innovation workshops, supported by targeted communication and marketing actions. This approach represents the main sales channel for the Group’s products and services; Smaller and mid-sized clients are managed on a portfolio ● basis through both account development and account management teams aligned to the Global Business Lines in geographic markets. Benefitting from strong local market understanding aligned with specialist vertical niche knowledge, they are able to manage their client portfolios proactively using sales territory planning in conjunction with the Global Business Lines and Central Marketing initiatives; New Client acquisition is undertaken in each Global ● Business Line and geographical unit, combining both marketing initiatives with targeted sales activities encompassing: lead generation marketing campaigns,

bidding for client-led competitive tenders, conducting proactive market-specific prospection initiatives through industry groups (in such sectors as financial services, retail, hospitality and transportation), business networking and lobbying. However, the public sector bidding process is different due to the obligation to comply with Public Procurement Codes. In most countries, it is required, that public entities launch competitive tender processes both for the initial contract and for each renewal. These are co-ordinated by a central large bids team combining local sales & management experience with a central sales excellence function. Its large numbers of smaller clients , sometimes referred to ● as the “mass market” (acquiring business) clientele in; Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Nordic Countries, Turkey, India and Australia are managed through a combination of direct and indirect sales channels. The former includes telephone and face-to-face sales. The latter are handled by independent parties and corporate partners, as well as banking partners. These sales channels are supported by a marketing campaign management team and a Market offering definition team. The marketing campaign management team sets the pricing policies, develops multiple promotions and identifies target markets. The other team formulates the Group’s standard sales offers which usually combine different products in one offer. In India, direct sales comprise of a team of sales representatives and a call centre. Indirect sales are related to the distribution of white label electronic payment services. In Belgium, direct sales mainly capitalize on a call center to sell payment acceptance services (including terminals) and payment acquisition by bank cards. Indirect sales are managed through resellers, who distribute the Group’s branded payment services. At the Group level, a Central team supporting the GBL’s (Merchant Services, Terminals,-Solutions-Services, Financial Services and Mobility & e-Transactional Services) guarantees Worldline leverages the best practices identified across the organisation, defines guidelines, objectives, processes, trainings and animates the Sales Community to ensure we keep the motivation and performance of the Sales Community at the highest levels. This team focusses on developing and retaining best in class sales people, fostering new Business generation, boosting Worldline’s Brand & Portfolio externally and internally through common programmes and initiatives that include Tier 1 sales tools.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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