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M&A track record: more than ever, maintain an absolute priority C.5.6 and focus on the next wave of European payment consolidation opportunities

The Group is expecting a massive transformation in the structuring of the pay metn industryin t he next years and believes in the emergence of world class players born in Europe. A first wave of consolidation in which Worldline played a central role started in 2011-2012 and mostly affected medium sized countries. Very large countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy or parts of Germany have not, or only slightly, participated in this wave. Worldline believes a second wave of consolidation will begin for those countries representing the largest volumes of payments. As a payments market leader with a strong track record of value creation through disciplined acquisitions, as illustrated in particular by its acquisitions of Banksys, Equens and SIX Payment Services, the Group is ready to capitalize on such pan-European consolidation opportunities. Benefitting from its European intimacy and its particularly solid financial profile, the Group continues to participate with an absolute priority focus on the consolidation of the European payment market, as illustrated by the acquisition of Ingenico in 2020.

As part of its acquisition strategy, the Group evaluates technologies and businesses that have the potential to enhance, complement or expand its product offerings, strengthen its value proposition to customers and increase its overall scale. To drive value, the Group intends to target businesses that can be efficiently integrated into its existing global sales network, technology infrastructure, and operational delivery model, while remaining financially disciplined. As demonstrated over the last 4 years, Worldline has a unique capability to shape tailor-made transactions, which are fitting the particular situations or expectations of the European banks and banking communities when they contemplate their strategic options for the future of their payment assets and activities. This know-how is reinforced by the strategic flexibility of Worldline and its proven track record of value creation for the banks both as customers and shareholders, while taking into consideration their specific regulatory environment or governance constraints.

Make Worldline the n°1 payment industry employer brand C.5.7 through talent & expert attraction and developments policies and Tier 1 CSR achievements

Worldline is determined to carry on reinforcing within its employee community the feeling of belonging to a people-focused organization. New generation of employees and new behavioral trends are constantly pushing Worldline to progress as an employer, through a culture of transparent and equitable integration, focused on innovation, diversity, personal development, and which concretely recognizes work and performance. Worldline ambitions to progress in the long term and to become the most fulfilling and motivating environment and stand as the most favored employment brand in the payment industry.

In parallel, through its Trust 2020 program, the Group demonstrates its permanent focus on building a very solid business, performing in the short term but also equally able to stand the test of sustainability over the coming decades and to meet the expectations of all the stakeholders of the Company. The targets of this program are engrained into all aspects of Worldline’s business and its achievements place Worldline among the leaders of its industry in the CSR field (for additional information, refer to Section D). The Group customers can trust Worldline will be in this business for a long time and does everything to ensure its business is robust and sustainable.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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