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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Secured law enforcement solutions The Group provides local, national and international law enforcement authorities with efficient end-to-end solutions in different domains such as offense processing, mobile parking, probation electronic bracelets, Track and Trace. The Group’s solutions cover the entire automated enforcement process, including automated detection of offenses, mailing of fine notifications, records management, fine payment processing and appeals services. The Group also provides its clients with traffic data and radar performance statistics. The Group currently offers these services primarily in France, Luxembourg and Spain. The Group’s clients include, among others, ANTAI (National French Agency) for various services including fine payment on 6 channels (web, IVR – Interactive Voice Response, mobile app…), the DGT (Direccion General de Trafico) in Spain, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure of the Grand Duchy and Luxembourg. The Group is providing a mobile parking payment and enforcement system, including front and back offices as well as an end-user mobile application that is deployed in several cities in Austria and Slovakia. The Group also provides the French Ministry of Justice with an information system to manage the provisioning, supervision and maintenance of the electronic bracelets (electronic tags for inmates on probation). The Group has captured a leading position in the frame of the European Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) with its Track & Trace solutions to help the European Union fight counterfeiting and illicit trade of tobacco products. The Group is now looking beyond TPD with its worldwide equivalent, FCTC (Framework Convention for Tobacco Control), as well as non-tobacco products. e-Government online and data services The Group offers national, local and regional government authorities and other public sector organizations a wide range of digital services to collect and manage data and develop Online Services and services to allow users to find government information, carry out administrative procedures and make payments to governments online. The Group develops and manages Online Services for a large variety of government and public sector related entities. Examples of the Group’s services include voucher processing for French governmental Service and Payment Agency and management of online tax collection sites for several provinces in Argentina. The Group also provides government certified archiving services for government entities, and collects and stores biometric fingerprint data for services such as biometric identification cards in Austria. The Group also counts DILA ( Direction de l’information légale et administrative ) among its public sector clients in France for secured cloud services.

The Group has acquired a former entity of the Atos group delivering on-line services to local government, and has leveraged this new entity to develop new offerings to help local government manage local subsidies. Several departmental councils are now client of PARCOURS-RSA, the Group’s product, which allows the social advisors of land of the Departmental Councils to ensure the support of the beneficiaries of the RSA. The Group offers businesses a wide range of solutions to securely sign and archive digital documents. Among other solutions, the Group helps B-to-C companies to design and implement digital contract platforms to allow digital validation and signature plus probative value preservation. These solutions are widely used by numerous customers such as Bouygues Telecom, SANEF, AG2R, Protys. The Group also manages secure digital archives for legal documents such as the Doccle platform that the Group operates in Belgium, which allows users to securely archive documents such as account statements from participating banks and other entities and the Cyberdoc program in Austria, which stores electronic copies of notarized deeds. The Group has become a Qualified Trust Service Provider according to Europe’s eIDAS Regulation. The Group has developed a solution to provide Digital Identity schemes to governments by combining assets from different business lines to manage the Digital Identity lifecycle and secure citizens’ authentication. B2B payments For the financial direction, automation and digitization of processes constitute the main challenges for the coming years. Thanks to new European Regulations (PSD2, R2P, and Instant Transfer), an innovative framework is available to improve Invoice settlement processes and achieve better predictability of Working Capital Requirements (WCR). Therefore the Group proposes WL Bill Pay & Match platform to its customers in order to benefit from a 100% digital invoice settlement process. Shared digital healthcare information services The Group provides a range of services to governments and public sector entities involved in healthcare. In Argentina, the Group manages and processes transactions for the FarmaLink health insurance institution, which connects patients to the health service system and links pharmacies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance schemes to manage the process of healthcare reimbursement. In France, the Group’s subsidiary Santeos leverages its near 20 years of experience in hosting and sharing healthcare information systems. Santeos holds an ANS Health certification from the French Ministry of Health, and believes that it is the leading hosting solutions provider of patient healthcare data in France, and, in this regard, hosts sensitive medical data through the Personal Medical File ( dossier médical personnel ) managed for French Public Health Insurance. Santeos partnered with Agfa Healthcare to create a new offer that adapts to the regional challenges of shared medical imaging and is being delivered for several Regions in France. Santeos delivers the new information system for the Emergency Care call centers (SI SAMU) in France. The Group also provides a health information system to the French Ministry of Army, for the management of health data of the Armed Forces. In Digital Signature, Digital Preservation & Digital Identity


Universal Registration Document 2020

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