Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Germany, the Group provides and operates a solution for the management of the electronic health insurance cards for different statutory insurance institutions. This includes services for online updates on the cards as well, initiated by the card holders. Furthermore, several applications to interface and communicate in a very secured and performing way with the German health infrastructure network (specified by Gematik) are provided. e-Consumer & Mobility C.1.4.3 Consumer demand for multimedia and storage solutions for their mobile devices makes cloud storage a powerful tool for generating customer loyalty. The Group provides telecommunications companies with cloud storage solutions to offer their customers private cloud data vaults as well as convergent messaging services or multichannel interaction management services. The Group is also working with manufacturers, insurers and utilities to develop innovative IoT services for connected vehicles, connected appliances and connected machines that leverage Group’s white label IoT platforms-as-a-Service providing end-to-end, scalable, secure and open solutions. Consumer Cloud Services The Group provides telecommunications companies with convergent messaging services as well as a range of consumer cloud storage and applications solutions to provide cloud-based services to their customers for e-mail and other digital media. The Group develops customized consumer cloud offerings tailored to the telecommunication company business model. Solutions the Group offers include services for structured rich media storage, retrieval and advanced cloud storage for personal content such as pictures, video, music, email and text messages, and multimedia services such as content streaming and address book management, as well as convergent messaging services that allow cross-platform delivery of messages ( e.g. , by delivering copies of voicemail to a user’s e-mail box). The Group currently provides these solutions to a number of companies, including Orange, SFR and La Poste in France and TDC Group in Denmark.

Since 2014, the Group is very active in the area of digital education. The Group provides SQOOL, with a partner, a fully integrated digital education solution and a cloud service which allows for the storage of educational content and students’ personal data on secure hosting platform. Cloud Contact Services The Group provides a range of omni-channel customer contact solutions to help companies optimize their interaction with their customers. The Group’s customer relationship management solutions include services such as interactive voice response systems that allow certain queries to be answered by automated systems and automatic smart call distribution services to improve the routing of calls to the right persons based on the nature of the customer’s query. The Group provides multichannel interaction management offered on a SaaS basis. This service, recognized by industryanalysts , manages interactions through a range of contact channels (email, chat, SMS, social networks, mobile devices and web self-service) to deliver a unified omni-channel contact center solution. Through the integration of Artificial Intelligence technology, the Group facilitates automation of tasks and improves 24/7 access to customer service, with chatbots and voicebots for example. The Group currently provides this for several clients such as C-Discount and large banking and insurance institutions. Such services enable large multinational in their “follow-the-sun” strategies to have a global support for their worldwide operations. As an extension to the payment business, the Group provides a voice-payment system that allows customers to securely pay for telephone orders. The Group also provides other systems to send automated SMS and e-mail services to clients. Key clients for these services in France include SIACI Saint Honoré, BNP Paribas, C Discount, EDF, and CNAM, while the Group offers services also in Germany, Belgium, and to Aegon in the United Kingdom. For the first time, Gartner have included the Group in the global Magic Quadrant for Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS). Connected Living Solutions Connected devices are now a reality for individuals and in the industrial world: energy meters, production machines, connected vehicles, vending machines, washing machines, etc. The volume of data produced by connected machines is increasing exponentially. The first stage of Internet of things (IoT), which used to focus on the implementation and collection of data, is now shifting to business innovation.


Universal Registration Document 2020


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