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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Go to market organization C.1.1.2 The aim of its go-to-market organization is fulfill the renewed growth ambition of Worldline and leverage a unique combination of assets in accordance to the following segmentation: Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) The Worldline value proposition aims to service merchants offering its all-in-one easy solution w thi local payment methods coverage. Currently we manage an over 1 million merchant portfolio across 16 European countries. It is evident merchants will benefit hugely from Ingenico’s Bambora proven go-to-market approach and standardized and fast onboarding Global Sales & Verticals Merchants increasingly demand an integrated vertical-specific and high scale/cross border solution. Worldline fulfills this need by offering its unique full-service Omni-channel and vertical driven solutions in high touch approach. The additional functionality Ingenico has brought to these domains consists of extended geographical coverage and leadership in big retail and high volume acceptance. 2020 has been a landmark year with the formation of the Terminals, Solutions & Services (TSS) Global Business Line (GBL) within the Worldline Group, which in turn, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the payments industry. Drawing together the skills, assets and energy of the Worldline terminal business with the global market strength of the former Ingenico B&A business unit, TSS is the undisputed market leader in terminals solutions and services across the globe. Notwithstanding these structural changes and, of course, the global Covid-19 pandemic’s impact during 2020, TSS has never lost sight of its strategic goal – to continue to bring an industry leading portfolio of technology and services to its customers, whilst moving from a predominantly hardware business to an “as-a-service” business model, expanding its professional services offering, and accelerating the deployment of its Android-based products portfolio. 2020 has seen strong progress with notable successes in professional services revenue growth and some important Terminal-as-a-Service (TaaS) contracts in both Europe and Australia. It also heralded the announcement of the TSS Payment-Platform-as-a-Service (PPaaS), which will bring additional value to customers and their own merchant customers by way of an Open API and cloud-based middleware layer. 2021 will see the start of TSS’s PPaaS deployments, through w chhi TSS will enable its entire ecosystem of bank, acquirer, fintech, and ISV customers and partners to significantly cut their operational costs and bring new functionality to their merchant base faster than ever before. Terminals, Solutions & Services C.1.2

Digital Commerce The e-Com market is booming and requires cross-border multi-currency, multi payment methods solutions. The combination Worldline offers to global e-Com clients across verticals of combined acceptance and acquiring solutions is focused at those exact requirements. The opportunities available through Ingenico’s Global Online solutions (collecting expertise) and wide client portfolio with large international reach enable Worldline to process 2.5 billion transactions via platforms that cover all key countries, including BRIC’s. Financial Institutions We see growing appetite within Financial Institutions to capture payment asset value via tailored partnerships, while maintaining payment leadership. For this particular interest Worldline offers global leading payment capabilities to develop market winning banking alliances and Joint Ventures. The track record Ingenico ( e.g. PAYONE and Paymark) has added to Worldline is very large especially on the relationship portfolio. We service over 1.000 banking relationships and premium partnership references (PAYONE, KB, ING…). Deliver fast, secure and innovative services for its bank ● and acquirer customers. Deepen the relationship with its partners. ● Reduce the cost of operations for its customers and ● partners. Champion the modernization of the retail payments ● ecosystem through open technology, cloud-based services and an as-a-Service business model. Business description C.1.2.2 Worldline’s Terminals, Solutions & Services Global Business Line is an indirect payment technology business that enables customers and partners to differentiate their retail payment services through innovation and value-added services. Small and medium sized merchants typically source their payment technology from banks, acquirers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or sometimes Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs). These partner companies typically provide TSS payment technology alongside the financial services required, and a range of value-added software and services. Larger merchants seek more complex solutions from their partners and the TSS ecosystem and software portfolio act as enablers to allowac quirers, banks and specialist providers to be more agile and responsive to these growing demands. 2020 Goals C.1.2.1


Universal Registration Document 2020

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