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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Internal R&D TSS dedicates considerable resources to innovation and R&D in order to maintain its market leadership in a market where technological and regulatory changes occur constantly, and concurrently to develop new seamless payment services to help acquiring partners to simplify and add value to the payment experience for their merchants and, ultimately, for consumers. Payment technology has many local variations and key to the success of the business is the close interaction between central and local R&D teams. In 2020, TSS created two new “Competence Centers”, one for Tetra and the other for Android developments. These centers drive cost savings, but also enable the sharing of expertise while minimizing the risk of duplication of effort and code. This structure also enables a balance of economy of scale from shared endeavor with responsive and market-focused local delivery. As a global leader, local knowledge is essential and has proved invaluable to both regional and global acquiring customers and partners. In 2020 alone, this global/local model has led to the delivery of: New mobile payment services for iOS technology based on ● Moby/8500 card readers linked to Apple devices. This solution combines sale and payment in one transaction, increasing cash-out capabilities and significantly reducing payment transaction time. It can improve the consumer and merchant experience by widening the ecosystem of applications available on the smartphone; Development of a new generation of Android payment ● terminals. Due for release in early in 2021, this new generation leverages the Android 10 operating system and opens up a whole new world of feature-rich business applications that can be more closely combined with the payment process; A new generation of open card readers designed ● specifically for the transportation market segment; The first certification of production terminals compliant ● with the EMV 3 contactless standard. These solutions improve the consumer experience when using smart phones for payment; The launch of a new portfolio of unattended products ● oriented to different vertical markets; An artificial intelligence based preventive maintenance ● solution; The first PCI certification for standard mobile phone-based ● card acceptance, putting TSS at the forefront of the “SoftPOS” market; A new range of tablet-based solutions natively connected ● to payment systems in order to run ECR applications;

TSS addresses the specific requirements of this indirect distribution channel by combining innovative payment hardware, software, services and expertise to enable customers and partners to maximize efficiency and to deliver a seamlessly reliable, tailored and differentiated service to their merchant customer base. With R&D and innovation centers in Europe and Asia, TSS produces the global market leading Tetra range of proprietary terminals as well as a growing portfolio of open, Android-based devices and specialist equipment for the fast-growing vending market. TSS serves the vast majority of the world’s largest retail-focused financial institutions, with an acceptance network spanning more than 1,000 banks and acquirers around the world. For decades, the world’s largest banks have made TSS their trusted choice including, Barclays, Crédit Mutuel, Bank of China, Garanti Bank, OCBC, VietinBank and Bank of America. TSS also works with major acquirers such as Cielo, Redecard, Elavon, First Data and Nexi Group. Innovation enables TSS to equip its customer base to better respond to changing consumer lifestyles and buying behaviors, whatever the sales channel of the product or service. The innovation strategy is based on: Coordinated work with startup ecosystems; ● Internal R&D; ● Selective partnerships; and ● Targeting acquisitions. ● As a technology business, R&D is the backbone of TSS, developing, innovating, and forming powerful partnerships to ensure that TSS stays ahead of the market for the benefit of its customers and partners. TSS demonstrated this innovation leadership well in 2020 by, amongst other achievements, being one of the first organizations worldwide to achieve PCI certification for software-based card acceptance to run on mobile phone technology (SPoC or Secure PIN on Commercial off-the-shelf technology). Coordination work with start-up ecosystems The most recent step in this journey has been the co-opening of a new incubator in Sao-Paulo in Brazil, “La Fabrique”, to stimulate and support the local ecosystem of startups and work with them to accelerate the ability to answer new digital use cases. Innovation is at the heart C.1.2.3 of the strategy


Universal Registration Document 2020


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