Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

WL One Link WL One Link provides a range of newopportun ities around the payment process and connects it with loyalty and other value added services. It provides benefits to all participants such as consumers, program schemes and merchants by making any payment mean a one-tap identifier for 3 rd party services at the POS. Whether it’s loyalty, age verification or digital receipts, WL One Link can enable it, boosting user experience. Merchant Loans Money can sometimes be a bit short for SME’s at the end of the month. With a single click, retail merchants can request a loan and will receive money on their account the following day. Merchant Loan is a convenient way for the merchant to get additional funding for their investments or to support their liquidity. No paper work, no visits in the bank, no collaterals or monthly payments. The loan is offered based on transaction history- the better, the bigger loan is available. Request and approval of the loan are all online. The repayment is flexible and seamless- a percentage or daily transactions. When the business goes well, the loan is paid back faster, when the business slows down so the loan repayment. Transparent fees and rules make the product easy to understand. Merchant Wallet The Merchant Wallet is the connecting element between merchants’ consumer app and the new smart terminal generation like YUMi and Valina. It enables merchants to offer new, innovative use cases and leads to next level user experience. As an example a user self-scans products in store or even online and pushes the product basket via the Merchant Wallet infrastructure to the YUMi. At check-out the merchant presents offers and discounts, personalized to the client on the YUMI screen. It simplifies transactions with a frictionless one-touch payment without any compromise on security. Worldline’s Merchant Wallet is managed in a centralized platform available via several channels (internet, smartphones) with an enriched, personalized and seamless experience. Worldline’s Merchant Wallet includes three main differentiators: Host Card Emulation (HCE) to uniquely manage remote ● payments and proximity payments in the same wallet container allowing online provisioning of cards into the wallet; A contextual and adaptive authentication to improve the ● shopping experience, calculated on risks based fraud detection and requiring a trusted authentication (several factors) for high risk identified transactions; and Security improvements with white-box cryptography and ● software tamper resistance. Worldline’s Merchant Wallet is used for instance by Accor, Mc Donald’s France and Total. Digital Services is on the way to industrialize the service to a product.

Loyalty Platform - Loyalty Programs, BI (Business Intelligence) & Big Data

Worldline offers merchants tailor-made solutions for loyalty program management, sales promotion tools and innovative self-service kiosks to enhance their customer relationships. These solutions are focused across the different stages of the customer journey: before, during and after the sales process. Aim of these services is to support merchants in better targeting and adapting their offers to evolving customer expectations; in increasing the frequency of customer interaction creating new sales opportunities; and in improving returns on marketing and promotions through a better understanding of their customers’ needs. WL Payment Reconciliation Hub Worldline offers merchants an “out-of-the-box” solution enabling financial reconciliation. The WL Payment Reconciliation Hub Software (database) automates reconciliation of turnover and remuneration as well as the posting of electronic sales transactions to accounts in the company. The WL Payment Reconciliation Hub was developed to accurately and fully automate reconciliation for all means of your sales on a transaction-by-transaction basis and to post them in accounts. No matter what the type of sales (cash, card payment) and sales location (point of sale, e-commerce or m-commerce), all transactions across thousands of stores and in a wide range of currencies are automatically checked, reconciled and posted to accounts. Added applications (APPS) Worldline provides additional applications on its android devices. This allows merchants, resellers or even partners to create additional customer relationships. The Group ecosystem enables a common API design which ensures that added applications function on all (Android) devices. There are no limits to the creativity of resellers and partners. Terminal Management Console The Terminal Management Console offers customers the capability to do first and second level support for their terminals themselves. Functionalities such as rebooting, reviewing configuration data and various other remote functions make it possible to offer technician-free support. Portals Worldline offers merchants user-friendly web-based portals, tailored to their needs whether they are pure online players, SMB’s, Partners or large Retailers. Main purpose of these portals is to provide best-in-class features around reporting, BI, fraud and dispute management, as well as management of their EFT-POS and campaigns. A strong focus is made on user experience so that each and every user (Payment managers, Finance department, Field Company Service managers, Developers, etc.) can manage payments and terminals in the most efficient way.


Universal Registration Document 2020


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