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EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability into Worldline’s business

More details on the 12 risks and their matching opportunities and SDGs for each challenge are available in the sub chapters of Section D of this document, as indicated in the following table. For more information on the business challenge and its risks and opportunities, refer to this document, Section D.2.1 “Meet customer expectations”. For more information on the People challenge and its risks and opportunities, refer to this document, Section D.3.1 “Meet employee expectations”.

For more information on the Ethics & Value Chain challenge and its risks and opportunities, refer to this document, Section D.4.1 “Meet the highest level of ethics for all stakeholders”. For more information on the Environment challenge and its risks and opportunities, refer to this document, Section D.5.1 “Meet society expectations for a sustainable environment”.

Worldline’s CSR performance D.1.3

Concretise our progress through the TRUST 2020 programme [GRI 102-15] D.1.3.1 In 2016, Worldline has defined its TRUST 2020 CSR ambition for each of its material challenges in order to reinforce its leadership and define its roadmap for the coming years. This long-term commitment, strongly bolstered by Worldline general management, aims at positioning “trust at the heart of everything we do” within the Worldline ecosystem and making CSR a transformation vehicle to mobilise the entire Company. It allows Worldline to meet its sustainability challenges in the areas of services availability, sustainable innovation, customer satisfaction, security, data protection, talent attractiveness, responsible procurement and environment. The Company has set 14 specific and measurable CSR objectives that it intends to achieve by 2020, and announces its progress on a yearly basis. These great results have encouraged Worldline to step up efforts and implement all the necessary action plans and innovative CSR initiatives in line with the new market trends to accelerate this momentum and reach its 2020 targets in all areas: Worldline reached its objective of turnover achieved ● through solutions contributing to social and environmental progress with an amount of € 1,055 million in 2020; In 2020, Worldline reached its customer satisfaction ● objective with 8.2/10; In 2020, 99.7% of Compliance Assessment of Data ● Processing (CADP) have been performed for all processing activities; In 2020, the Great Place to Work ® index continues to ●


The specific objectives are measured each year and the action plans are carried out at the Group level. They are based on external and internal inputs thanks to meetings w thi stakeholders and investors as well as questionnaires received from rating agencies and from our customers. Worldline review each year the indicators and takes into account the results obtained, the progress still expected, the emergence of new topics and new priorities. 2020 Achievements Worldline achieved its long-term goals, related to customer satisfaction, by reaching an overall score of 8.2/10 and, related to the revenue generated through its sustainable offers, by surpassing its € 725 million objective since 2017. Regarding the environment, Worldline also continue achieving in 2019 its TRUST 2020 climate change goal by offsetting 100% of the CO 2 emissions from its payment terminals’ lifecycle and from its offices, data centres and business travels.

increase (+2 points) while covering a larger perimeter of employees from Worldline’s new entities. Overall satisfaction rate reached 65% compared to the target of 60%; 88% of employees have declared themselves satisfied with ● the training provided; The “Happy Trainees” label was renewed, reinforcing ● Worldline employer brand; Worldline now offsets 100% of its CO 2 emissions, adding to ● its perimeter the compensation of its CO 2 emission relating to offices in addition to its data centres and business travels. Also, 100% of emissions from the payment terminals lifecycle have been offset once again in 2020. Consequently, Worldline is one of the first companies to contribute to the carbon neutrality in its industry.

Universal Registration Document 2020


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