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WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

Instant Payments The customer demand clearly shows an increased need for speed. This also applies to payments. Banks and financial institutions nowadays are expected to offer instant payments. The Group is a frontrunner in Instant Payments with a leading position in the Eurozone. The Group has the capability to cover the whole value chain for Instant Payments, from Payment Initiation and Channel solutions that directly benefit the end-customer to Back-Office Processing and Clearing & Settlement services. Instant Payments – Channel solutions. A white-label ● mobile banking and mobile P2P application and value-added services such as an alias conversion service and real-time fraud detection. Instant Payments – Payments Processing Back-Office ● solution. Allows financial institutions to offer Instant Payments to their customers without the need to invest heavily in an ‘always available, low-latency’ payment-processing engine. Financial institutions can benefit from economies of scale by using the Group’s shared platform and have the security of remaining compliant at all times. Instant Payments – Clearing & Settlement service. Offers ● pan-European secure, low-latency clearing to all PSPs in Europe. The Group’s solutions are separate components that can be procured as an integrated offering or as individual components, depending on client needs. Payments Processing Back-Office The Group has an extensive portfolio of secure, cost-efficient solutions that allows financial institutions to outsource their back-office processing for payments. This enables financial institutions to substantially reduce their total cost of ownership while relieving them of the burden to keep up with the increasing pace of change in the payments industry. The Group’s comprehensive portfolio includes the following services: SEPA and Domestic Payments, Instant Payments, Multi-Currency Payments, High-Value Payments, Liquidity Management and Compliance Services. Open Banking TPP Solutions PSD2/Open banking allows customers to access new products and services from regulated third party providers (TTPs). TTPs are Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs). The Group provides an Open Banking platform that connects TTPs with multiple Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs).

easily integrated into their own business processes. Financial institutions are trusted partners that can offer these services using their online banking systems. The Group supports financial institutions in operationalizing digital transactions through cost-effective and reliable routing services, in a way that is convenient and fully compliant. The Group’s service portfolio consists of four main areas: e-Identity, e-Mandate, e-Payment solutions and Alias services. The different services are delivered using a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art platform. Clearing & Settlement The Group operates a highly scalable Automated Clearing House (ACH) platform and provides SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT), SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) and Instant Payments (SCTinst) services as well as supporting domestic payment schemes in local currencies for financial institutions, communities of financial institutions and central banks. The Group ensures full market reach across Europe and beyond (ISO 20022). Worldline offers reach through an Inter-CSM network of ACHs based on the EACHA (European Automated Clearing House Association) interoperability framework, and by facilitating a link to the EBA network and TIPS (ECB). The Group has established reach to the USA through a partnership with the Federal Reserve Banks. Next Generation Financial Messaging (NGFM) and SWIFT Access to SWIFT, a secure messaging network used by banks, financial institutions and corporates, is essential for sending and receiving urgent, high-value and international payments. As a provider of SWIFT bureau services, the Group enables banks and corporate clients to gain access to the SWIFT network and services. The Group offers a new fully managed service to meet the needs of banks. Outsourcing of SWIFT and other financial messaging channels (Next Generation Financial Messaging) is a realistic and attractive option for banks that previously operated their SWIFT infrastructures in-house. Digital Services C.1.2.4 In this digital age, the move towards a cashless society is gathering pace every day. More and more businesses shift to digitally focused operating models and they require a higher level of innovation and security from their payment services than ever before. Additionally, the smartphone’s hegemony and the increased presence of cloud services have changed customer expectations. They are more connected, better informed and experienced in digital commerce. Customers want transparent banking services which need to be more accessible than ever. The Group helps financial institutions to strengthen their digital proposition for customers with advanced and innovative Digital Banking services including Digital Banking Platform, Mobile Banking, Open Banking and Trading System & Financial Information.


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Businesses and public service providers are looking for efficient solutions in the digital world for identity, electronic payments and e-Mandates. They need solutions that can be


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