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WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

Fraud risk management The digital economy has created new fraud risks and companies face a number of challenges in this respect. The first challenge is to find the best strategy to reduce fraud losses, with the right balance between internal solutions and outsourcing. Besides that, continuously changing fraud patterns require quick response actions in the rules & algorithms applied to prevent and detect fraud and in the decisions taken to contain it. Finally, changing regulatory requirements need to be known and adhered to. In facing all these challenges, financial institutions can benefit from the Group’s expertise. Worldline has a broad understanding of the market, is able to link powerful tools to highly skilled experts and offers Fraud risk management solutions including modules like WL Online Watcher and WL Fraud Case Management. These services include real-time fraud detection and alert management, the creation and management of rules, the deployment of the rules for alert creation and the operational handling of alerts. For fraud detection, these services analyse the nature of a transaction, a customer’s behavior profile and other data to help identifying suspicious transactions made with a payment device. The Group’s Fraud risk management solutions are provided both to the issuing side and to the acquiring side of payments. ATM Management Managing an ATM network today is getting increasingly complex in an ever more competitive environment. Clients expect extra services at ATMs, while business is complicated by increased regulation. Moreover, digitization forces financial institutions to rethink their branch strategy. The Group has numerous years of proven experience and covers the whole ATM value chain from site search to installation and from logistics management to transaction and quality management. Financial institutions can either make a selection of the Group’s modular services or choose global outsourcing. This way they can optimize and simplify their ATM management. Account Payments C.1.2.3 The Group offers financial institutions a complete end-to-end set of solutions that cover the full range of needs in the domain of Account Payments , including Instant Payments, Open Banking, Payments Processing Back-Office, Trusted Transactions, Next Generation Financial Messaging (NGFM) & SWIFT and Clearing & Settlement. A few examples of clients in the Account Payments business area are: Commerzbank, Citi, ING, Banque Raiffeisen, Rabobank, DZ Bank, LBBW, SEB, Central Bank of Aruba and De Volksbank.

Fraud. The Groups offers a complete issuing and acquiring ● fraud solution, including online detection, fraud prevention and case management analysis (using rule based as well as artificial intelligence solutions). Acquiring Solutions C.1.2.2 The Group supports smart processing of POS, eCommerce, mobile and ATM transactions. Worldline’s reliable, secure, 24/7 acquiring service portfolio will let acquirers conduct payments and complete transactions with major international card schemes, local European card schemes and multi-currencies across a wide range of payment devices and protocols. The Group’s modular portfolio offers acquirers the opportunity to choose services ‘a la carte’ and includes, amongst others, Core Acquiring Processing , WL Pay Front-Office, Fraud risk management and ATM Management. A few examples of clients in the acquiring business area are: ING, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas, BPCE, BRED, PXP Financial, Postfinance, Nexi, PSA and Swisskey. Core Acquiring Processing The globalization of the acquirer market is leading to increased volumes and price pressure. The international expansion of merchants has created global platforms. In addition, the market is characterized by constant innovation, increased competition and new regulations. The Group provides acquirers with a full range of Acquiring Processing services to match and exceed merchant needs, both in the domestic market and internationally. Services include: Authorization Processing; ● Fraud Management; ● Transaction Processing; ● Clearing & Settlement; ● Dispute Management; ● Contract Management. ● WL Pay Front-Office WL Pay Front-Office is an advanced software licensing solution that combines functional flexibility through parameterization and self-customization capabilities with proven production stability. It includes: Acquiring & Switching; ● Terminal & Channel Management; ● Authorization; ● Transaction Security & Integrity. ●


Universal Registration Document 2019

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