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WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

A few examples of clients in the Digital Banking area are: LCL, Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Credit Europe Bank, Neuflize OBC and vdk bank. Digital Banking Platform The Group’s flexible and modular Digital Banking Platform provides the back-end that supports fast channel development as well as engaging front-end services such as chatbot based conversational banking. As a service-layer, composed of a collection of business enablers, the digital platform enables simple data coming from the bank information system or third-party to be processed, valued and properly displayed on the mobile or web applications. The platform allows customers to consult account balances, transfer funds, consult stock prices and purchase securities, interact with financial advisors, consult digital versions of account documents and many other banking services. The Group’s Digital Banking platform service portfolio consists of Trusted Interactions, Card Control, Trusted Authentication, Digital Preservation (e-archiving/e-safe), Digitization (e-contract) and WL Contact. Mobile Banking The Group offers an innovative and comprehensive catalog of services to build a unique customer experience, whether on a smartphone or tablet and for any operating system (e.g. iOS, Android or Responsive Web Design). Based on an agile Digital Banking platform, the Group’s solution boosts innovation in terms of payments, security and bank account management. The Group’s mobile banking solution includes comprehensive and “easy-to-integrate” mobile services (SDK, API) for security (WL Trusted Authentication, Fraud Detection), payments (Wallets, P2P, NFC Payment, QR code, Payment Modulator, Instant Payments) and channel solutions (Alias conversion, White-Label Mobile Banking App). Open Banking Access to Account Bank Services The Group supports Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs) to open up regulatory APIs to authorized Third Party Providers (TPPs) in order to meet regulatory requirements. Besides managing the Payment Service User (PSU) consent and ensuring the access to the desired service, the ASPSP is also expected, in particular but not only, to manage the TPP community and follow up updates on regulatory requirements and API standards. To address the regulatory challenges and exploit the associated opportunities, the Group’s Digital Banking Platform integrates a PSD2/Open Banking compliance module, namely Access 2 Account Bank Services, enabling financial institutions to effortlessly meet the regulatory requirements and develop their Open Banking strategy while managing the risks and mitigating uncertainty.

banks, and other financial institutions to manage multi-asset orders from collection of the order to delivery to market for execution. The Trading System solution offers a global and open brokerage platform for all types of orders: equities, derivatives, OTC products, and investment funds. In addition, the Group offers financial information that aggregates market data from all major global sources, including stock exchanges and news providers. Deployment Models C.1.2.5 Financial institutions can choose a flexible deployment model fitting their strategy as the Group offers models based on: Business process outsourcing ● Payment Software Licensing; ● Hosting services; and ● Application management. ● Clients can choose hybrid models ranging from full deployment at client site (client operates and hosts the Group’s solutions), to partial deployment, through to full deployment in the Group’s data centers (the Group operates and hosts a tailor-made application environment for the client). Business Process Outsourcing Financial institutions can also choose to outsource their payment business processes. From payment processing and booking information to investigation and risk management services, the Group is highly experienced in every step of the transaction process and can fully take over these activities. By outsourcing these payment business processes, financial institutions can leverage the platforms, scale and expertise of Worldline resulting in a lower total cost of ownership based on economies of scale and scope. Payment Software Licensing The client’s staff operates and hosts the application environment based on software delivered by the Group. The Group’s main software solutions include WL Pay Front-Office, WL Pay Online Watcher & Fraud Case Management, WL Pay Issuer Back-Office, WL Mobile Payments, WL Argaus, Payment & Liquidity Hub, WL Loyalty, Cardlink II and ASCCEND. In addition to the software itself, the Group can also provide all the required resources and support to customize the final product and integrate the software in the client’s environment. Hosting services The Group provides hosting services for financial institutions. Software solutions are deployed at certified datacenter facilities and servers of the Group and system management is performed by highly qualified IT staff.

Trading System & Financial Information

The success of online Financial Services is closely linked to the quality of market data and the associated processing tools. The Group’s online trading platform allows brokers,


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