Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document

WORLDLINE Description of the Group’s three Business Lines services

Differentiating offer Worldline MS Worldline has positioned itself as a provider for Merchant Services for any segment of merchants (or partners) in multiple business models and channels. Worldline offers services that go beyond the merchants payments handling towards full digital services. Worldline adapts to the specific needs of its clients, offering an open and modular approach as well as a one-stop-shop. This means merchants of all segments and sizes will find the solution that serves their needs best, be it through standardized package for a small store, be it via a tailored solution across many countries and regions for large retailers. Its European roots and global presence provide Worldline clients with the benefits of expert local knowledge as well as the ability to have the advantage of its services and support globally. Worldline is able to support the geographical growth ambitions of merchants by offering them global reach. Verticals In order to fully understand its client’s needs, Worldline has improved its client focus by adding to its locally available presence and expertise, a global verticals approach – specifically concentrating on the specific requirements of the market segments its clients are active in. Worldline verticals include hospitality, travel, petrol, retail, parking/vending, eCOM (digital and HBR) and Worldline is constantly on the look-out for additional verticals in order to further improve its client focus and portfolio quality. Banks & Partners Worldline Merchant Services has broad experience in cooperating with banks and partners to offer Merchant Services and acquiring solutions. Worldline manages a wide range of partnership models from pure outsourcing to commercial alliances and joint ventures. BPO-outsourcing: operating processing and Merchant ● Services delivery (examples: BNP Paribas and UBS); Referral distribution: set up in which the bank refers its ● clients to Worldline for terminals and acquiring services (example: Commerzbank); White label: reselling Worldline’s terminals and acquiring ● solutions under the brand of a bank, enabling increased focus on pricing and simplifying offer (example: leading bank in Western Europe); Commercial alliance/JV: reselling Worldline’s terminal and ● acquiring solutions under the brand of a bank, enabling increased focus on joint sales force and innovation (examples: KB Smartpay, Belfius, KBC).

Worldline position & results Thanks to a strong product portfolio supported by high-availability platforms and local services centers, Worldline today is servicing over 400,000 merchants worldwide, from micro-merchants (mass market) to large international enterprises in various segments. Amongst others Tesco, Sainsbury’s, BP, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum, Hero Cycle, Hindustan Unilever, PayPal, Airbnb, Spotify, Subway, Europcar, McDonald’s are Worldline Merchant Services clients - in Europe, but also in India, Latin America (LATAM), APAC and the US. In Europe, Worldline Merchant Services acquired over 3.97 billion card transactions in 2019, leveraging the scale and capabilities of the Group processing platforms. Beyond Europe, Worldline Merchant Services has leading positions in the Indian market in which it is the largest acquiring processor and partner of many banks in the country, managing c. 0.9 million terminals and QR codes, processing more over 1.1 billion transactions. Merchant Services is also present in APAC, Latina America and USA (mainly via e-commerce and vertical solutions). In the area of e-commerce, Worldline Merchant Services managed over 96.000 e-commerce websites, processed and/or collected over 1 billion transactions across a wide range of more than 250 on-line payment methods. Merchant Services generated globally a total revenue of € 1.12 billion in 2019, with an OMDA margin of 23.7% (€ 265.3 million). In 2019, Merchant Services continued to strengthen its leading position through various initiatives. Delivery of “Excellence in Services” while optimizing the ● cost structures to secure products competitiveness for its customers; Build long term relationships with key customers and ● accelerating international expansion to better serve global customers through investment in sales and account management teams; Investing in new products and solutions like: ● Development of OneCommerce Hub, offering one single ● platform for pan-European in-store and global omni-channel payments for multi-country merchants, Value added services, creating additional and new ● merchant benefits in e.g. Merchant Wallet, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Developing new solutions arising out of PSD2, like ● Account to Account Payments (instant payments) as well as specific services based on AISP (account information services) and PISP (payment initiation services) related roles and responsibilities.



Universal Registration Document 2019

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