Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document



Informing and monitoring work on the integration of new entities into the Worldline Group from the very beginning is also part of the agenda of the SE Committee and the WC in each country (like with Six Payment in 2018). Moreover, Worldline respects and protects workers' representatives, and prevents employee representative discrimination as well as violations of the freedom of In France, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committees composed of elected employees are the point of contact for matters relating to health, safety and working conditions. As of January 1, 2020, the OHS Committees will disappear according to a change of law and will be replaced by the CSE (Economic and Social Committee). A dedicated national commission of the CSE will take over all the previous prerogatives of the OHS Committees. Nevertheless, Worldline management decided to implement local CSE Committees to maintain all occupational health and safety matters at a local level, site by site. A similar Committee in Belgium is the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPT). In July 2019, Worldline Iberia has established its own Health and Safety department and the OHS Committee composed of members of the management and elected employees. In Germany there is a close cooperation with labor safety and health authorities with regular inspections to ensure security at work. Convened by management at least on a quarterly basis (for France and Spain), or monthly basis (for Belgium) and for extraordinary meetings when necessary, these Committees aims at consulting the elected employees on all the matters that impact employee’s health, safety and working conditions (premises, move, emergencies, training, proposals for health and safety improvement, audits, etc.) prior to their implementation. They also give the possibility to employee’ representatives to test new infrastructures proposed by ergonomists ( e.g. chairs, IT equipment) and provide their input on planned improvements and renovations. Beyond their regulatory role, the members of the OHS and the CPPT Committees are partners in managing issues related to working conditions and the protection of employees. Collective bargaining agreements [GRI 403-1] [GRI 403-4] Worldline not only follows local and international regulations and requirements regarding labor rights, but also covers 72.94% of all its employees with collective bargaining agreements [GRI 102-41], and 81.25% of them by European Directives. Indeed the Company has signed collective bargaining agreements with trade unions and staff representative bodies that enable employees to benefit from favorable statutory requirements regarding working conditions. Worldline's collective agreements and commitments cover health and safety matters, duration of maternity/paternity leave, working time, teleworking, wages, profit sharing, prevention of psycho-social risks, notice periods, vacation time (usual and exceptional such as wedding, birth, relocation, etc.) as well as training. association and the right to organize. Health and Safety Committees

Thus, in France, the Unions and the HR department meet on a regular basis to negotiate company-level agreements, such as the specific agreements signed hereafter: Employment of over-fifty: “Action plan for the generation ● agreement” – October 18, 2013; Gender equality: “Agreement on gender equality” - May 11, ● 2015 (in the process of renegotiation); Teleworking: “Group agreement on teleworking” – ● December 8, 2016; Disability: “Agreement on the employment and inclusion of ● disabled workers” – January 25, 2017 (in the process of renegotiation); Work-life balance and occupational health and safety: ● “Amendment to agreement on the prevention of psychosocial risks” – July 28, 2017 (in the process of renegotiation); Charter of the right to disconnection – January 22, 2018; ● Complementary health insurance agreement – October 10, ● 2019; Profit sharing agreements: Participation (May 28, 2019) – ● Profit Sharing (June 26, 2019) – PERCO (July 12, 2019), Buying power bonus (January 31, 2019). In Belgium, on top of the national collective labor agreements that are applicable in its sector, Worldline is also negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the Unions on different topics such as: collective bonuses, working schedules for specific functions, rules linked to standby hours etc. Collective parameters are determined together with employer and employee representatives and collective targets for the ongoing year are set. Each employee contributes to the achieving these targets. In Austria, Worldline is also supporting the chamber of commerce with inputs on its negotiations with the Unions regarding the applicable collective bargaining agreement. EquensWorldline entities have signed the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) of the Bank sector applicable to equensWorldline in Italy and the Netherlands that guarantees to employee specific benefits regarding health insurance, pension found, collective bonus, paternity leaving, part time rules, working time, teleworking, bonus for student, etc. In the Netherlands, equensWorldline focuses on the reintegration objective during sickness period, aligned with Dutch law. Specifically for illness after two years, equensWorldline is ‘bearer of the risk’ and has a dedicated insurance to protect its employees from any additional cost related to their reintegration for 10 years. If reintegration is not possible, equensWorldline has to provide for outplacement. In this regard, equensWorldline started in 2019 workshops for management to train them in their capabilities to contribute to the reintegration of their employees and to prevent long term illness. In 2019, equensWorldline in the Netherlands has also renegotiated pension plan. In Germany, there are no collective bargaining agreements. Instead, a lot of WC agreements are signed on topics such as Working Time, Social Benefits, Home Office regulations, On-call Duty. In 2019, the main focus of Worldline WC discussion was related to the finalization of the integration of Six Payment Services, and the people that joined Worldline recently.


Universal Registration Document 2019

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