Sopra Steria - 2019 Universal registration document

4 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Sopra Steria, a committed and responsible Group, making a sustainable, human and enlightened contribution

Sopra Steria, a committed and responsible Group, 1. making a sustainable, human and enlightened contribution

Overview of the Group’s corporate responsibility strategy and governance 1.1.

A strategy based on our values, convictions and a high level of commitment across the Group At Sopra Steria, we firmly believe that digital technology can create opportunity and progress for all. When closely linked to humanity, it creates a virtuous circle that benefits society as a whole. Sopra Steria has chosen to be a “contributor” company involved in building a sustainable world in which everyone has a part to play. We see our contribution as sustainable, human and guiding. Sustainable: we see our actions – whether in running our businesses or helping our clients with their digital transformation – as part of a long-term approach. Our approach in support of a more sustainable world encompasses all our environmental, social, ethical and inclusive commitments. We are committed: to significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and to p combating climate change with the involvement of our stakeholders; to anticipating the key business needs of the future; p to ensuring inclusion and development for talented people both p within the Group and in society more widely; and to putting our core values and ethical principles into practice in p the day-to-day operation of our businesses and acting for a more inclusive digital society. Human-centred: our activities are focused on implementing projects that foster digital inclusion, equal opportunity and social open-mindedness. We have been committed for a number of years to education for young people, access to employment for people with disabilities and career development for women. Guiding: our contribution is rooted in our ability to anticipate, understand and translate the challenges posed by digital technology so as to be able to better assess their impacts on everyday life. We are thus able to help our clients meet their own sustainability challenges. We are working with our ecosystem and contributing to the debate on the impact of digital technology on society to inform our work in favour of the responsible use of digital technology.

Seven key priorities, all directly aligned with the Group’s business model, underpin its corporate responsibility strategy: being a leading employer that attracts the best talent, fosters p employee dialogue and promotes diversity and equal opportunity; being a long-lasting partner for our clients, meeting their needs p as effectively as possible by providing them with the best technology as part of a responsible and sustainable value-creating approach; establishing ongoing constructive and transparent dialogue with p our stakeholders; reduce the environmental impact of our operations, promote digital p sustainability and contribute to an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions; engage all our stakeholders to help build a more sustainable p world; acting ethically and with integrity in our day-to-day operations p and across all our business activities; supporting local communities by stepping up our community p engagement initiatives, notably in the area of digital inclusion. This strategy is based on our commitment to the UN Global Compact and the materiality matrix used to assess the various challenges facing the Group. A dedicated governance structure coordinates implementation of policy and associated improvement plans.



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