2021 Universal Registration Document


Social responsibility: a committed and responsible Group


2021 achievements

Maintaining a balanced age representation.

7.9% of the workforce was under 25 years of age (compared with 7.0% in 2020) and 10.4% was over 55 (compared with 9.9% in 2020). Introduced a phased retirement system to facilitate the transition to retirement. Retirement information session: 812 participants. 41.7% of scope: France.

Facilitating the transition to retirement.

POLICY PROMOTING DIVERSITY AND ACCESS TO EMPLOYMENT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE 2.7.4. A diversity and youth employability policy to ensure access to and is geared towards recruiting and developing young talent. The education for all and integrate young graduates into the world of Group has launched the specific actions set out below, with a work. This policy is in line with the principle of equal opportunity particular focus on young people from disadvantaged areas.


2021 achievements

327 secondary school students from disadvantaged areas hosted as part of their fourth-year work experience to learn about jobs in the digital sector and demystify algorithms, in partnership with the non-profit organisation Tous en Stage in France (41.7% of scope). 153 mentors and sponsors to provide secondary school students with year-round support in France (41.7% of scope). 320 young people helped back into work through tailored training focused on working in the digital sector. 26.4% women (commitment under the Numeum “Manifesto for retraining women to work in the digital sector”). 43.1% of scope: France and Tunisia. 3,357 employees trained in 2021. 100% of staff involved in recruitment in France trained in non-discrimination. 96.3% of scope: Africa, Europe, India, Singapore. 93% of employees (vs 89% in 2019) responding to the survey felt that “Staff are treated fairly irrespective of ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation”.

Provide career guidance: inform students about our business as soon as they enter secondary school. Reaching out and building relationships: help young people of secondary school age understand and familiarise themselves with the business world. Fostering inclusion and access to employment : foster inclusion and reintegration into employment for young people in long-term unemployment.

Training and awareness-raising in non-discrimination.

Great Place to Work survey.

The Group runs digital skills retraining programmes tailor-made to help people in long-term unemployment back into work. The Group has for many years undertaken a range of annual digital skills retraining campaigns aimed at people in long-term unemployment in France. These annual campaigns are run in partnership with employment support organisations such as Ensemble Paris Emploi Compétences (EPEC), the Pôle Emploi public employment centres, the Maison des Jeunes Talents and, more recently, non-profit organisation Diversidays , and its national programme DéClics Numériques . This digital skills retraining programme is aimed at people in long-term unemployment from working-class and rural areas. Sopra Steria’s involvement is aimed at promoting its digital skills retraining programme and offering career opportunities. Since 2018, the Group has also been running a four-year retraining programme for jobseekers in Tunisia. Candidates recruited hold bachelor’s degrees or equivalent and receive help towards obtaining a postgraduate engineering degree. In particular, they are awarded

scholarships to fully cover their study costs, receive personalised mentoring to ensure their succesful integration, and follow a specific training plan. Goal for 2022: Rerun initiatives and strengthen momentum at Group level. LGBT+ POLICY 2.7.5. The Group’s LGBT+ policy is committed to respecting every individual’s uniqueness. Specifically, the approach covers the following commitments: Preventing all forms of discrimination linked to sexual orientation p or gender identity; Ensuring that all employees are free to be themselves and don't p need to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity while at work; Ensuring that all employees are treated equally irrespective of p their sexual orientation and gender identity. Supporting employees who are victims of discriminatory speech or actions.


2021 achievements

Training and awareness-raising. Fostering in-house networks.

Ran an in-house awareness campaign; set up a dedicated intranet space. In France, LGBT champions are on the lookout for instances of “LGBT phobia”. In-house networks rolled out in Norway (135 members) and the United Kingdom (141 members).



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