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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

The Group assists its customers in implementing their digital transformation strategies and evolving towards new customer centric and service oriented business models ( e.g. pay-per-use, pay-how-you-drive). Through a unique combination of services (IoT/M2M, mobile applications, data analytics and payment), the Group’s Connected Living solutions allow its customers to go from Product sellers to Digital Services providers. The Group has a proven experience, replicated in several markets (automobile, household appliances, industry, insurance, retail, health, etc.) and offers a unique and flexible business model that is built around a portfolio of adaptable global service offerings that enable end-to-end solutions. The Group’s goal is to federate value-added services from a large ecosystem of best in class providers that share the same secured access to a connected object. The Group’s Connected Living platform, delivered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, guarantees secure access to users’ data. Security, and in particular third-party remote access security is one of the biggest challenges coming with Industry 4.0 and industrial automation, where machines communicate with other machines and systems in the most sophisticated way. The Group’s Industrial IoT solutions enable secure connection to security-sensitive machines in an industrial environment, as well as remote monitoring & servicing of connected industrial devices. These solutions are aimed at industrial machine manufacturers and industrial machine operators. Other Connected Living solutions offered byth e Group are innovative solutions and business models adapted to: The connected vehicle, aimed at automotive insurance and ● lease, cars and truck fleets, etc.; The connected home (objects from daily life, household ● appliances, energy management and building infrastructures), aimed at multi-services operators like insurances, utilities, home appliance manufacturers, telcos and retailers; The connected patient (various social services and medical ● frameworks and associated quantified remote medicine services). Connected Living solutions include applications to handle: Data management, including solutions to collect, secure, ● store and analyze data; User management, including authorization and access, ● identity verification, privacy safeguards, subscription and billing; Application management, including management of the ● application framework, data sharing and integration with third party systems and enterprise information systems; Connectivity and devices, including solutions to secure, ● provision, monitor and manage communication and processing flows among various network components. The Group’s Connected Living solutions are recognized by market and industry analysts and are provided to and used by among others the following clients:

Siemens is deploying in all its business units Industry, ● Energy and Siemens Healthineers the core Communication Platform (cRSP) giving them a secure access to the machines that are spread all over the world in production sites as well as hospitals and trains. Having access to the machines and the data gives them new possibilities on solutions they can offer to their customers. The time to repair can be reduced and the first time fix rate can be increased. On top of that Siemens is offering specific vertical applications and data analytics solution for the different market segments; Renault, for whom the Group is implementing the R-Link ● cloud services platform, an on-Board connected multimedia system that is included in many Renault vehicles. Through the R-Link tablet that is available in several Renault models, the Group offers the possibility to make secure purchases from the vehicle. The ergonomics and functionality of the system were designed to make Renault R-Link the most secure solution on the market for the driver and for the automobile. At the Renault Supplier Awards, the Group received the Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization Innovation Award for this innovation; A large European OEM relies on the Group’s connected ● vehicles solution to offer advanced fleet management services to its customers (fleet owners), which include a secure extranet portal where its customers can control their fleet activity (online dashboards, comprehensive fuel reports, critical alerts). A telematics unit installed in the vehicle that registers data such as mileage, fuel consumption, global positioning, speed, driving time, etc. is connected with the Group’s telematics platform which applies the retrieved data to provide insights into fleet use, geolocation, driving time & performance, fuel consumption, vehicle health & maintenance planning. This enables the OEM to optimize maintenance plans and introduce pay-per-use business models and supports fleet owners to increase vehicle availability, optimize logistical efficiency and reduce operational costs; Using the Group’s expertise, BSH offers Home Connect to ● its customers allowing them to use a standard home Wi-Fi connection via the Home Connect cloud servers to operate their appliances remotely. It offers secured connectivity via smartphones and tablets and will be based on an open standard, meaning that a range of home appliance manufacturers will be able to use it. It was launched on iOS and Android, now rolled-out in several worldwide geographies. Using its expertise in processing transactions the Group has developed the solution and runs the Cloud platform where the Household devices are connected to; As part of a strategic transformation from a product-centric ● to a service-centric business model, Home appliance manufacturer Gorenje is introducing a range of connected appliances based on the Group’s connected home platform. Hosted on a secure cloud platform, the Group’s solution allows consumers to securely interact with their home appliances remotely through an intuitively designed mobile application.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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