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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

In addition to Paris the Group is focused on many opportunities in Europe and South America to drive social mobility change for cities and countries. In parallel, the Group provides fare, tariff and revenue capture and apportionment solutions for railways and public transport systems. The Group typically acts as the primary systems integrator and general contractor for a project, presenting its clients with a full end-to-end solution that the Group implements directly and through partners and subcontractors. The main markets for the Group’s e-Ticketing business are Europe (principally in the UK, France and Germany) and Latin America (mainlyin Argentina and Chile). The Group’s line of e-Ticketing solutions includes applications that allow customers to check schedules and order and pay for tickets online for delivery directly to their mobile device or a desktop printer. For real time transaction sales and journey validation the Group provides to railway personnel mobile technology that integrates industry leading digital devices with

ticketing and payment. This solution is called WL Mobile Ticket Issuing Service. Tickets can also be delivered at the station using self-service kiosks provided by the Group’s kiosk business or third-party providers. The Group’s e-Ticketing, validation and payment systems are used by a large number of franchised railway routes in the United Kingdom and the THALYS high speed rail network in Europe. The WL Mobile Ticket Issuing Service solution is also being rolled out to other station retailing channels giving Operators greater channel flexibility and comes complete with a comprehensive back office analysis and reporting tool. The Group is now moving forward into Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) propositions utilizing the ongoing investments of the Group and the benefit of the E-Payments challenge where its Fintech partners bring capability and speed to the Group’s core propositions. Worldline’s vision is to power social mobility through driving engagement, access and payment for transport services.

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՘ ڂ Ŵ̿́ɿʡˍɟ ڂ ɟ˱̿́ˍ˪ɟ˱ͮ֡ ՘ ڂ ġͽˍͮʡɂʎǵ˱˱ɟˍ ڂ ʡ˱ͮɟ̿ǵɂͮʡ́˱͝ ՘ ڂ Ä˱̵͝ɟɂͮʡ́˱ ڂ ̵̿́ɂɟ͝͝

՘ ڂ ġͽˍͮʡ ڂ ̵ǵΰ˪ɟ˱ͮ ڂ ˪ɟͮʎ́Ɏ͝ ՘ ڂ ġͽˍͮʡ ڂ ̵ǵΰ˪ɟ˱ͮ ڂ ͝ɂʎɟ˪ɟ͝ ՘ ڂ ġͽˍͮʡ ڂ ǵɂ̻ͽʡ̿ɟ̿͝


֡ ڂ ĩ́ ڂ ˱ɟɟɎ ڂ ɿ́̿ ڂ ǵ˱ΰ ڂ ɟ˱̿́ˍ˪ɟ˱ͮ ڂ ʡ˱ ڂ ľ̵ɟ˱ ڂ Ŵǵΰ˪ɟ˱ͮ ڂ ͽ͝ɟ ڂ ɂǵ͝ɟ

Digital ticketing The Group also offers contactless “smart card” ticketing schemes for multi-modal transit platforms that, among other things, allow passengers to use travel cards, payment cards and mobile wallets to “touch in” and “touch out” at the start and finish of their journeys and automatically calculate and process fare prices. There are now several contactless smartcard schemes being delivered by the Group in Latin America including Transantiago in Chile, Lima in Peru and Cordoba, Mendoza, Salta, Tucuman, La Rioja and the SUBE system the Group operates for the public transit system in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. As passenger and Transport Operator demand increases for dematerialized ticketing the Group continues to evolve its account and identity based travel with the WL Tap 2 Use solution which is live in several cities in France, Dijon being the

first one in 2018. This enables passengers to move seamlessly between travel modes and multiple Transport Operators. Bank cards and smart devices that confirm identification can be used to pay or post pay for journeys, users and Operators can monitor all travel activity via a comprehensive account management system. Beyond Dijon, the Group rolled out new projects like the one in the French “Grand Est” region, to implement and operate a cross-border ticketing solution with Germany, the one in Aix-en-Provence making Open Payment available in 2020, or the one with the metropolis of Amiens where the Group implemented a multi-service platform allowing citizens to access with a single identifier (mobile, contactless card) to a wide variety of mobility, cultural and sports services. The Group is regularly rolling out new projects. Among others, the deployment of thousands of validators and WL Tap 2 Use solution in Lyon will also make Open payment

available here in the course of 2021.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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