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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

New acceptance solutions in Europe for new payment ● methods based on QR codes, such as Amazon Pay, WeChat Pay, and AliPay; The first payment services in China using facial ● recognition; The first payment acceptance solution integrated into ● chatbots. Selective partnerships TSS internal R&D combines with selected technological partnerships to accelerate certain technologies. One example of this in 2020 is Microchip, which develops specific designs in secure core processors. TSS also partners with a range of organizations for non-payment technologies such as color touch screens, secure keypads, communication modules, etc. The selective partnerships approach has also been key to the creation of the TSS Android Competence Centre (ACC) in Vietnam in collaboration with FTP. Complementing TSS’ ACC resources, which bring deep expertise in architecture, security and payments specific functionalities, the partnership has enabled a fast ramp-up and continues to bring expertise and flexibility to support the high demand for Android solutions. In 2020, TSS has also worked alongside specialist investor, Partech, to launch Partech Growth, a venture capital fund for future giants of the technology and digital worlds. The aim of this investment is to foster the sharing of ideas, experience, and expertise. It is also likely to lead to new partnerships in the exciting payments solutions space in the future. Finally, TSS continues to benefit from a 2017 partnership with the European accelerator, The Family, to offer its online services to start-ups as part of the benefits offered by the incubator and to further enhance the new Worldline Group’s expertise in the field.

own consumer customers. Underpinning this effort is an unrelenting focus on security.

Security is in Worldline’s DNA C.1.2.4 Payment terminals exist to provide confidence in the security and legitimacy of every transaction. As new payment methods continue to emerge and adapt, this becomes more complex every year, so security must always be the primary driver in terminals, solutions and services design. Across the business, TSS has teams that focus solely on security, ensuring compliance with standards and monitoring future changes. Worldline continuously monitors compliance with the latest international and local standards, as well as being as being closely involved and providing input into creating them. Always at the cutting edge of secure payments, and regularly obtaining new certifications reinforcing requirements related to security, Worldline offers its customers and partners an unparalleled level of security. In 2020, the Group obtained one of the first PCI-PIN Transaction Security Version 6 approvals – the highest security standard in the industry. At the same time, since May 2013, the Company has been a member of the Board of Advisors of the PCI Security Standards Council, a forum focused on the development of security standards for bank cards. For the Group’s online business, ensuring the security of data transfers and online merchants’ electronic payment transactions is a key part of the offering. Dedicated teams work daily to manage risks related to transactions, in accordance with current laws and regulations. In addition, the Group is a member of the PCI Security Standards Council and so contributes to new developments in the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) and other payment card data protection standards. Finally, in 2020, TSS received the PCI SPoC certification for its SoftPOS solution. In addition, the Group is also involved in the development of new digital security standards, such as CPoC.

Technology and security expertise

TSS constantly strives to simplify and enhance the payment experience for its acquiring customers’, merchants and their

Financial Services C.1.3

digital payments transactions, also developed by its expert brand equensWorldline. Financial Services helps clients adapt to the newrealit y of instant payments, open banking and digital transactions, enabling them to transform their business and operating models, manage risks and fraud and anticipate regulatory changes anywhere in the world. Leveraging the Group’s scale and complete service portfolio, Financial

The payments industry is changing rapidly, triggered by transformative technological innovation, new regulations, regionalism and increasing competition. Payment Services Users ( e.g. businesses, governments and consumers) want to be able to initiate payments at any time, in every context and across any channel.

As one pan-European leader in financial/payments processing, Services works closely with clients to help them prepare for a Worldline Financial Services invests heavily in new and future full of opportunities. innovative solutions for account-based payments, card and


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