Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Digital Services C. Through Digital Services, Worldline aims to convert the neutral to negative perception generally associated with payments into a positive one by providing value-added services which enhance the overall customer experience. Worldline is present in every step of the value-chain and assists B2B and B2C merchants in placing their customers in the center of their attention. Digital Services ranges from POS Products (commonly known payment terminals) over Digital Products (Internet of Things, Digital Ticketing), VAS Products (Loyalty Platforms, venue solutions) to Merchant Portal and Onboarding (Self Onboarding, Merchant Portals). Worldline’s vision is already beyond the w ell-known payment terminals; Worldline will offer a Tap on Mobile (Payment on smart device like smartphone) with PIN entry as of 2021. On top of that Digital Services represent the main growth driver as payment only tends to commoditize. Worldline’s Digital Services division combines: Digital Service offerings, covering the full digital commerce ● lifecycle for merchants starting with the self-onboarding and following their lifecycle with self-service on the MyPortal platform; Value added services, such as Private Label Cards, Loyalty ● Services, Merchant Loan and Merchant Apps on YUMi and Valina terminals. Supporting the digital retailer throughout the customer journey Worldline supports merchant’s digital agenda throughout the digital life cycle. Digital Services focuses not directly on the payments. Instead, the strategic attention is on the value-added services around the transaction. Added Value Services Packs Payment is a crucial step in the buying journey and offers an opportunity to engage and delight customers as such. The modern customer wants to pay cashless wherever and merchants must be prepared for this. With Worldline’s self-onboarding system called Pack, merchants can go online and order complete, cashless payment processing solutions that accept all conventional credit and debit cards at the point-of-sales from a single source. Merchants can choose a plug & play payment package w hcih fits their business and their customers and can start accepting secure online and in-store payments almost immediately. Worldline is the reliable partner helping retailers seize the opportunity of comprehensive digital and cashless payment solutions to reach new customers and increase sales.

Fraud prevention services Worldline offers a wide range of services which improve and enhance the consumers’ payment experience, increase the conversion rate or reduce fraud. Worldline offers a combination of leading technology and innovative tools for detection and prevention of fraud within the various card-not-present channels, together with our third party solutions providers. These solutions are designed to help Worldline’s clients protect their customers and brand by reducing fraud losses and making the Internet a safer place to conduct business. One of the concrete solutions Worldline offers is a Fraud Prevention Service which insures potential fraud, based on machine learning capabilities, reducing the risk to zero for clients. PSD2, Strong Customer Authentication – E-payments Worldline’s SCA Accelerator Suite utilizes the latest versions of 3D Secure and thus ensures that its clients using Worldline 3DS and payment pages are compliant with EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). It offers authentication routing, ensures the appropriate data collection and streamlines mobile User Experience. Worldline is a strong partner in local regulations compliance: its clients can rely on Worldline’s services do not have to worry. Beta-programs & Sandbox Beta-programs are products we’re currently working on to bring to market. Worldline offers its clients early access to those innovations by the possibility of signing up for early testing and being on the cutting edge of the payments industry. In addition the Group offers a so-called sandbox. Every go-live process should start with prototyping and experimenting in the sandbox. The sandbox behaves identically as production systems, offering several payment product integrations with which the clients can experiment, without having to worry about the risk of transferring real money. Local acquiring solutions in emerging economies Worldline offers connections to (local) Acquiring solutions in some of the world’s most important emerging economies, such as India, Russia, Brazil and China via its wide range of payment service provider solutions. This means that all payment transactions can be accepted for the lowest possible costs and paid-out in a desired currency to our clients. This reduces complexity, while supporting its clients’ business growth.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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