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DESCRIPTION OF THE GROUP’S BUSINESS Description of the Group’s four Business Lines services

Description of the Group’s four Business Lines C.1 services


Merchant Services

Vision Worldline Merchant Services digitalizes and helps merchants to grow their business by offering their clients a unique payment experience enriched with digital services. Worldline aims to present its clients with the exact right buying experience: for the end consumer (user experience, quality, speed, value adding services) and for merchants themselves (one stop shop, flexible solutions, local presence – global abilities and outstanding reporting capabilities). Its ability to sustain and extend these client offers is guaranteed through its ongoing focus on outperforming competition in terms of product offering, services excellence and IT robustness. Fast changing environment Worldline’s Merchant Services is evolving in a fast changing environment. The business of Merchant Services is strongly influenced by several elements, including: Effects of the new regulations such as PSD2, Instant ● Payments, data & privacy security; Increasing as well as increasingly-connected digital and ● mobile consumer behavior; New technologies which enable innovative business- and ● operating models surpassing the initial channels of face-to-face, E-commerce and M-commerce. Worldline clear aim is to move towards the concept of commerce in which a seamless experience is required irrespective of the channel used. Competitive landscape Worldline competitive landscape is undergoing change: New players, start-ups and fintechs are entering the ● market space and pushing market transformation; In parallel traditional parties (such as banks), are opening ● doors to alliances to optimize their business offers and benefit from technological approaches offered to their clients through these alliances; Push towards further optimization in which major players ● are joining forces in a market where scale and geographical reach matter more than ever.

New merchant demands Merchants rely on new solutions and services to seize the opportunities brought by the new “phy-gital world” and avoid upcoming technical and operational challenges. They continue to look at all opportunities to enforce consumer engagement and increase the average basket value through personalized customer journeys joined with a seamless and secure payment experience. In particular, the new trend of omni-channel payment solutions (Click & Collect, In-store Return, Buy now - Pay later, etc.) is now becoming the standard way of payment and has generated new technological requirements in terms of platform design and payment systems. Covid-19 Covid-19 has pushed the demand for solutions which enable safe Face to Face (F2F) transactions ( e.g. conversion from cash to card payments, contactless payments) as well as alternatives for F2F transactions ( e.g. e-Com, click to pay, pay by link, buy now pay later, etc.). Worldline MS is committed to offer the best solution possible for its merchants to help them in dealing optimally w tih the enormous challenge brought to everybody by the pandemic. Merchant landscape The landscape of merchants can generically be illustrated using two axes: The demand for standardized requirements versus ● customized and digital solutions; The business focus with single/national presence versus ● multinational or even global presence. Merchant requirements are ranging from a seamless consumer experience to strong cost effectiveness. Depending on the specific market segment and operating channels in which a merchant is active. Additional requirements are recognized as well. Worldline recognizes the following merchant trends: Digitalization: making the POS and digital experience ● consistent, convenient and customized before and after the payment transaction; New consumer behavior: offering new services, new ● concepts at the various and diverse points of interaction;


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