Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document


EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Ensuring business ethics within our value chain

Ethics & value chain risk

Risk description

Worldline action plan Related

Main monitoring KPIs


Compliance with laws and regulations For more details, refer to this document, Sections D.4.2 and F.

In a context of changing regulations, Worldline faces ethics and compliance challenges throughout its geographies. The Company has to ensure full compliance with the applicable laws all along its value chain, notably with its suppliers. This risk will be even more emphasised following the integration with Ingenico. In fact, Worldline is expanding its geographical scope and will therefore be subject to additional regulations. Furthermore, Ingenico is more present in risky countries in terms of Human rights’ exposure Key topics: general environmental policy, Human Rights policy Ensuring business ethics within the value chain is not only key to protect Worldline’s reputation (as its technologies could be used to facilitate fraud), and prevent the Company from undergoing legal proceedings, it is also crucial for responding to stakeholder expectations, particularly those of communities, including citizens. This risk will be emphasised following the Integration with Ingenico as it is present in countries with a high corruption score (corruptions perceptions index) ( e.g. Russia and China) Key topics: fight against corruption, fight against fraud and tax evasion

Worldline closely follows the evolution of regulations in countries where it operates through the Group Compliance department, which includes local legal monitoring and ensure a comprehensive approach.

GRI 419-1 Signifiant ● fines for non-compliance

Bribery and corruption For more details, refer to this document, Sections D.4.3 and F.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Worldline has a Code of Ethics that is included in every employee’s and supplier’s contract and that sets out the principle of

Operational excellence/ Reputation

GRI 205-2 ●

Percentage of employees trained in Code of Ethics GRI 205-3 Actions ● taken in response to incidents of corruption

resilience/Legal & internal control mechanisms/ Trust & compliance throughout the value chain

anticorruption to prevent fraud and noncompliance enforced through several Group policies.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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