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Share the Company values, develop cooperation, and the ● network dynamic; Develop interpersonal skills and strengthen ● intergenerational ties. In parallel of this Mentoring programme, Worldline France has rolled out the Reverse Mentoring programme, embarking 365 workers since the start in 2016. This six-month programme of sharing expertise from new generations mastering digital technologies to older employees not yet accustomed to new media social networks for instance, aims to support personal and professional development, strengthen intergenerational links, and respond to the issues of digitalisation in the Company. The Company’s ambition is to deploy these two programmes in others entities. In 2019, Worldline France also launched the Peer Mentoring Programme, which engages peers from different backgrounds. Same job but differential experiences to share. They began with manager profiles and since 2020 with all functions in the Company.

In 2020 Worldline develops the Equity Mentoring Programme, opened on the outside of the Company. It allows people in complex situations (often far from the world of business) to benefit from the support of a mentor to facilitate their insertion into employment. Our partnership is “Nos quartiers ont du Talent” . The business benefits of all these mentoring programmes are to promote skills development and transfer between employees in informal ways while reinforcing networking, cohesion and wellbeing. It is a community, animated by more than 30 referents in France, soon with new referents from Ingenico’s team. Worldline Expert community (refer to this document, Sections D. and D. Hacky Days: new “Tech sessions” within Worldline. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the event was replaced by a virtual session. grow. After the carve-out from Atos, Worldline has built new talent development programmes of which the pilots are rolled-out in H2 2020. Worldline Academy The Worldline Academy consists of talent development programmes for three different target groups: Emerging talents, Senior Talents and Experts. It has been created in partnership with Hult Ashridge Executive Education. #One team #one Worldline is the red thread through all programmes, building upon each other and bringing global streams together in their mid-learning journey. The learning offering is experiential, and with an immersive and facilitative focus, while also hard skills and toolkits are taught. Inside-out and outside-in thinking is stimulated and the core themes of the Academy are 21 st Leadership Agility, Customer-centric Strategy 4.0, and Inclusion & Diversity. Emerging talents will focus on accelerating individual and team leadership skills, enhancing self-awareness and a growth mind-set, translating strategy into action. Senior talents look into the way of leading global teams and change in the wider organisation, polarity management, co-shaping the strategy. While, for Experts, the focus is on communication and influencing skills, as well as capturing a larger organisational picture. Ego, eco and intuitive leadership framework is used as a common denominator in the Worldline Academy.

Talent management@ Worldline [GRI 103-2 Training and Education] D.3.4.2 As part of Worldline’s ambition to be the first payment industry employer brand, managing its talents to develop and motivate them is key priority. At Worldline every employee can become a talent, if they perform high and have the determination it takes to excel and grow in potential to shaping the future of the Company. A talent has the leadership potential to be effective in future roles with broader responsibilities at higher organisational levels. A talent can be a top performer with high potential for growth or with business critical expertise, a manager or expert, at the beginning of the journey in the Company.


In order to strengthen and renew its talent base and business performance, Worldline is rolling out a People Review every year, on a global level as well as on a local level. In order to have a reliable evaluation, all Management Committees review and validate the people review outcome for their scope. Once identified, the goal is to include these talented individuals in critical positions succession plans but also to build and follow up on their individual development plans. Through Talent management @Worldline, the Company aims at: (i) maximising visibility of talented employees, boosting their mobility internally and accelerating their development and giving them priority for the most critical positions within the Group; and (ii) supporting business success today and tomorrow by putting the right talent in the right job at the right time and building a stronger pipeline of ready high potential successors internally. Worldline talented individuals follow Worldline Group’s programmes dedicated to talent development to help them

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