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4. Worldline core sectorial trainings Ethics and security mandatory trainings – reviewed in 2020 To achieve Worldline’s ambition to maintain the most stringent ethical standards within its organisation and operations, and integrate them in day-to-day tasks, it is critical that all employees work together and consistently follow the Company’s compliance policies. That is why the Company has set annual mandatory training for all its employees relating to the following areas.

Anti-Corruption e-Learning Worldline employees are responsible for compliance and prevention from corrupt practices within the organisation and towards third parties such as clients, suppliers and business partners. In that respect, and pursuant to the latest territorial and extra-territorial regulations, Worldline committed to train potentially exposed roles through a specific Worldline Anti-Corruption e-learning. This 30 minutes mandatory e-learning composed of videos, interactive sessions and short quizzes, has been rebuilt in 2020.

2020 Completion

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Code of Ethics

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Creating Values for our Clients Security & Safety Awareness


Data Protection Awareness

Secure Coding Awareness (2 Parts)

In 2020 the E-Learnings have been reviewed. A team of subject matter experts together with Global HR Learning & Development redesigned the content on a new platform and setup E-Learnings in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German. Payment trainings Over the past few years, the payment landscape has been evolving at an increasing speed under the pressure of GiantTechs, FinTechs, technology, customer behaviour, regulation. Understanding this ecosystem is key to understand the challenges that Worldline’s customers have to face and consequently deliver high quality services. Worldline offers this training, to give its employees a global vision of payment mechanisms, trends, regulations and players; and how they interact and compete. Updated weekly and delivered worldwide, since beginning of 2018, in live sessions. Around 500 employees have already completed this training in 2020. In order to rebuild Worldline online training catalogue after carve out from Atos and to face the challenge to maintain and develop employees skills in a difficult health context, Worldline developed a full range of online trainings. These trainings, available to all employees on desktop or mobile, focus on three main areas: languages, technology and developer, leadership and management. The language training offering is available for French, Deutsch, Spanish, English and Italian and in different formats, micro-learning, one to one coaching, written skills training, virtual classroom, through a dedicated platform. With Our new technology and developers, employees can access a full range of engaging technology content such as Cloud, Security, Agile, Software Development, Data, project management etc and choose their learning modality according to your needs with bootcamps, certification preparation and practice labs.

The leadership and management catalogue contains 16 main categories (change, strategy, people management, innovation…) with trainings in many different languages. Worldline also propose learning tips on how to deal with the current crisis and ensure psychological safety as well as business continuity (workplace after pandemic and crisis, managing stress while working from home, Facing virtual teams challenges, etc. Development programmes and events D. Learning Days This initiative adopted and customised in every Worldline country aims at fostering the innovation and technological expertise so critical to the continuous development of Worldline engineers and, more generally, of all employees. During these one or two days dedicated to training and knowledge sharing, employees, on a voluntary basis, are offered a learning experience as well as the opportunity to hear about all the training and development options in Worldline in a warm atmosphere. The business benefits of this programme is to make sure Worldline employees can improve their skills by choosing the right training for them and a career evolution that enables them to reach their full potential while answering the Company’s need. Dozens of topics are scheduled and took place remotely spread out over five different formats: conferences, e-learning, self-testing, meeting, and sharing session. Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring development programmes Since its launch in 2014, 888 employees (mentor-mentee pairs) in France and Belgium have taken part in this programme, whose aim is to: Boost the development of young employees; ● Develop individual careers, strengthen internal mobility ● within the Company;


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