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The “Women development and promotion” pillar was ● designed to grant development opportunities aligned with Worldline’s diversity and enable the Company to give to all employees, women and men, an equal chance to reach their full potential. As such, Worldline deploys trainings fostering both women and men leadership. In the course of 2020, it continued to improve the women representation in Talents and Experts programmes as well as in the succession plans; The “Women retention” pillar is aiming to better retain ● Worldline women and men including but not limited to ensuring that women and men are equally treated. To limit employee attrition, it is critical for Worldline to deploy HR neutral processes that will secure employees throughout their Worldline journey. This is why, gender equity criteria has been fully integrated as a part of the annual HR Processes, notably in the People and Salary review. In alignment with the ILO Convention 100 concerning “equal remuneration for men and women workers for work of equal value”, the gender equal pay is also a point of attention. For Instance in France, in 2020, companies with more than 1,000 employees are now required to calculate and communicate their Gender equity index. The Worldline and equensWorldline entities in France have reached a score of 88 out of 100, which is far above the minimum legal requirement and also above the national score average. This score illustrates the positive impact of the local long-lasting effort of French entities on gender equity materialised in the Gender Equity bargaining agreement, which have been renewed in May 2019 for 6 years. In Spain, since 2020 a new “Harassment Protocol” has been adopted and three Equality Ambassadors in all Worldline Iberia locations have been nominated. In March, just before the quarantine, they celebrated an “Equality Breakfast with the CEO” and offered to all the employees a webinar about Feminism leaded by a Consultant Specialist in Feminism and Inequality. Besides, the Gender Equity programme is about the message the Company conveys, nurturing an inclusive mind-set toward all employees. Numerous initiatives were launched by the Gender Equity Steering Committee and local taskforces to this end, such as: The MixIT by WL association, was launched in ● September 2018, after having won the Sustainable Dream award. It has helped define, organise and run new training courses in the French catalogue “the impact of stereotypes in business” and the now famous “female leadership”. In order to support its approach, it has joined the CORIF (Observation Center for Gender Equality) of Hauts-de-France, which offers a MOOC (Online Course) on Equality, accessible to all. the aim being to change preconceived ideas about digital jobs, by participating in digital promotion operations among young girls and children, co-organisation and speaking at technical

conferences (the famous MixIT in Lyon and the Duchess, throughout the territory). It supports the Recruitment team, with participation in forums in schools and universities, where the presence of employees identifies Worldline as a company employing women in all types of positions; The continuous effort to seek for gender fair ● representation in every Worldline internal and external events. More generally, regardless the topic involved, the Gender Equity Steering Committee, composed of the CSR Officer, the Head of Human Resources and the Director of the Gender Equity Programme, interacts with the internal stakeholders to ensure consistency in gender diversity in internal and external communication campaigns. This is a key lever to boost awareness and best practices, foster equal representation of women and men in testimonials and speaking opportunities, and ensure that corporate materials and recruitment messages are aligned with Worldline Gender diversity vision and strategy. To leverage employee’s assets and live up to Worldline’s ambition, Gender Equity is also integrated in the action plans deployed locally that relate to: Excellence of the academic and IT background and skills; ● Personal Involvement: contribution to the Company’s ● development; Respect to the values of the Company: Behaviours & ● To track, locally and globally, the progress of the Gender Equity Programme, associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been identified in term of woman manager representation, woman retention, attraction and evolution. These KPIs and corrective action requirements have been shared with each regional and business line Directors to identify local actions. The evolution of these KPIs are monitored monthly with the Gender Diversity Steering Committee and shared quarterly with Worldline Management Committee. Along with the Gender Equity programme, various initiatives were launched in the different Worldline geographies to strengthen local progress such as: The deployment of “Woman Leadership” training in France, ● which is aimed to be deployed across the organisation worldwide. Since 2018, more than 10 sessions were held (including 4 in 2020 with 45 new colleagues trained), comprising in total 100 women; In Italy a dedicated set of webinars and meetings about ● Gender equity were provided for all employees, starting from a questionnaire that was distributed to ensure feedbacks and contribution from all employees; Mindset; Individual development: Continuous and regular ● efforts/attention/willingness to grow as a person and within the Company all along the career.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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