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In 2020, Worldline Iberia which joined in 2019 the alliance ● “CEO for Diversity” with the Adecco Foundation continues to promote diversity policies; APAC countries participated in #EachforEqual 2020 pose ● initiated by Global on Women’s Day. Diversity & inclusion at Executive level The diversity and, more specifically, the gender diversity, constitutes a key element of the Company’s TRUST 2020 programme and its successor since 2021, the TRUST 2025 programme. Worldline appoints 32.6% of women in 2020 ( vs. 30.30% in 2018). The aim is to reach 35% by 2025 despite a lower proportion of women in the professional world of software & IT, e-payment and finance. Thanks to an efficient gender diversity policy and Group culture, this proportion of women does also apply in the Business organisations (outside of the support functions) where there are 31% of women Within the management positions (which represents the top 20% positions), there are 22% of women as last year. It

constitutes a key priority of the TRUST 2025 programme and Worldline aims to reach 35%. Furthermore, in order to enhance its policy, in the course of 2020; a Network devoted to diversity and inclusion has been created. Many employees are at the initiative of this network Understand: share best practices, relying testimonials, ● news monitoring, toolboxes; Nurture: awareness sessions, training &communication, ● mentorship; Include: events, networks, connections; ● Teams: coordination of local initiatives, internal networks, ● joint teams to deliver on specific themes; Engage: UNITE daily life, external network such as Women ● in Payments. Managerial processes are now systematically including diversity indicators. In fact, the percentage of women is tak en into account in (i) compensation, (ii) training, participation in internal events, (iii) seminars, (iv) promotions and (v) expert networks.

% of female per category



Percentage of female in Worldline’s top positions Percentage of females in management positions

32.7% 22.7% 32.7%

Percentage of females


2020 Target








Gap between the% of females in management positions and the % of females in the overall workforce


7.5 pts 7.5 pts 7.3 pts 6.9 pts

10 pts

0 pt

Focus 2: Taking disabled people D. into account [GRI 405-1] has been implementing for twelve years specific programmes for people with disabilities at various sites, mostly in Europe and in collaboration with employee representative bodies. Such programmes aim to better train and integrate people with disabilities (which involves their co-workers), notably by offering them interesting jobs that accommodate their disabilities. Besides, Worldline commits to better take into account disabilities in its sustainable procurement decisions, through the involvement of the sheltered workshops sector Encouraging accessibility and integration at the workplace In 2020, the percentage of people with disabilities at Worldline was 2.21% globally and 3.5% in France. Each type of disability is now represented within the population declared to the HR department, from psychological diseases to physical disabilities, including severe illness. Thus, over the last

12 years, Worldline has supported more than 200 workers with disabilities in France. In 2008, Worldline has signed an agreement with French employee representative bodies which was renewed in 2020 and will be valid until 2022. This agreement concerns the employment and professional inclusion of people with disabilities. Moreover, particular attention is paid to the integration of people with disabilities in order to adapt the workstation if necessary (customising the devices, etc.) or to provide awareness session for co-workers, in agreement with the person concerned. To carry out this mission in France, Worldline relies on a network of 20 point of contacts regarding disability located in all the French sites. These points of contacts are all volunteers and dedicate one week per year to guiding and assisting employees. Subject to absolute confidentiality, these key players in the Company’s disability policy coordinate the multi-disciplinary mechanisms to maintain employment of people with disabilities.

Universal Registration Document 2020


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