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Psychological support during the Covid-19 pandemic. ● Different initiatives were organised at a local level in order to support employees during the crisis. For instance, In Italy, free psychological support was made available; in Worldline UK, different initiatives have been put in place in 2020. First of all, 2 sessions were organised for all employees regarding resilience and psychological safety. Secondly, a session on handling difficult conversations was run for all line managers. Thirdly, training devoted to mental health and first aid was organised for any volunteers. Furthermore, under their private medical, there is a pathway called Stronger Minds enabling employees to access support quickly. Eventually, there is an employee assistance programme (EAP) available 24 hours a day 7 days a week providing support to employees and their families. In Worldline Iberia, webinars about emotional/physical well-being have been set up during the lockdown; Networking and teambuilding initiatives. In addition to 3. the annual Wellbeing@ Worldline weekor ganised in all countries, other networking or sportive events take place across all geographies all year long. Employees also have

the opportunity to contribute to social initiatives for local communities (refer to this document, Section D.4.5): Networking events are organised in all regions, in the ● form of the “Young Worldline” in Belgium (gathering trainees, interns and young employees); regular informal webinar named “Kwartaalborrel” in the Netherlands organised as a webinar due to the Covid-19; networking with local universities in France; donation to the two main Rome and Milan hospitals in Italy, Sportive events are also highly valued as part of the ● well-being programme. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, most of these events and initiatives were organised remotely. For instance, in Italy, France, Belgium and the APAC region, online fitness and yoga classes were organised; in Poland, in order to enable employees to avoid public transport, a bike service was organised. Likewise, in France, a mileage allowance is offered to employees using their bike as a means of transport to get to the office. Regarding the communication initiatives of Ingenico, please consult Chapter 2.1.3 of its extra-financial performance declaration. In 2019, concomitantly with the separation, the Worldline Group has proactively announced and launched the process of creation of the European Works Council (EWC) in the 17 European countries where the Group is present, informing all the WC, the managers as well as employees, thus opening the social dialogue to more than 80% of the overall Worldline employees. In this regard, the Company started the creation of a Special Negotiation Body ( hereinafter SNB) in order to create this future Council at the initiative of the top management. From a managerial perspective, Worldline has also created a specific role dedicated to worldwide social dialogue by creating the post of Director of World Social Affairs. The first meeting took place on February the 6 th and since then and until December and despite the Covid-19 situation, the Company has succeeded in having 7 meetings via conference calls. With the acquisition of Ingenico, five additional countries will be represented in the SNB meaning 21 countries represented in Europe. The election of those additional employees’ representatives has been launched in December 2020.

Encourage social dialogue to promote Human Rights and high standards working D.3.2.2 conditions [GRI 102-8] [GRI 102-12] [GRI 102-13] [GRI 102-41] [GRI 403-9] [GRI 403-10] [WL 4] [GRI 103-2 Occupational Health and Safety] [GRI 103-2 Indirect Economic Impact] [GRI 403-4] [GRI 403-1] [GRI 403-2] [GRI 403-5] and [WL 11]

A culture of permanent and effective D. social dialogue [GRI 102-41] Social dialogue is a fundamental part of Worldline culture. The Works Councils ( hereinafter WC) are one of the main stakeholders of the Company. Worldline acknowledges that employee representatives must play a comprehensive role concerning the most important and confidential topics faced by the Company. In most of countries where the Company is, there are employee representative bodies. The employee representatives meet local management on a regular basis, and attend extraordinary meetings to address specific topics, notably acquisitions or transformations. With the acquisition of Ingenico, the Board of Directors of Worldline has been extended and now comprises a second director representing the employees. This person is a former director representing the employees of Ingenico Group and he has been appointed by the French Work Council of Worldline. The first director representing the employees at the Board of Directors of Worldline is a lady coming from Worldline.


Universal Registration Document 2020

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