Worldline - 2020 Universal Registration Document

EXTRA-FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF PERFORMANCE Integrating sustainability into Worldline’s business

TC-SI-550a.1. Quality Score – Contracts’ Service Availability & Response Time: From 2019 onwards, we speak about “Quality score” rather than “SLAFulfilm ent”. In 2019, we have a change into the scope by taking the 35 top contracts. Then, we took a maximum of 2 SLA per category (availability and response time) for each contract in scope. The scope includes 99% of contract over € 1 million. Quality is measured on these contracts through the SLAand downtime is not a part of it. % of Compliance Assessment of Data Processing (CADP) performed for all processing activities: the values for 2016 and 2017 corresponded to the previous indicator “% of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) performed on critical services” and we don’t report this indicator anymore. GRI 102-44 Overall customer Satisfaction from Tactical surveys: The reporting scope is based on the eligible revenues, representing each contract taken into account by the satisfaction survey. % of incident responses compliant with Worldline security policy: Security incidents are differentiated from security event in the tool ISMP used for reporting. Security events are excluded. Moreover, security incident from SPS are excluded from scope.

WL2 Great Place to Work Trust Index rate: GPTW’s methodology changed in 2020. For consistency reasons, we have preferred to present he results according to the old methodology. With regard to the new methodology the results are as follows: 64% (2020), 63% (2019), 59% (2018), 58% (2017), 57% (2016). Number of employer brand study citations: Only global certifications and citations have been taken into account, thus excluding local certifications. Please note that the following local certifications were received by Worldline: Great Place to Work Argentina, Top employer Austria, Top employer Belgium, Great Place to Work Chile, China Great Place to Work, European Great Place to Work, Happy Trainees France, Great Place to Work France, Top employer Germany, Great Place to Work Poland, Top employer Poland, Top employer Netherlands, Great Place to Work Sweden. % of employees satisfied with the trainings provided by Worldline: The satisfaction survey is conducted on all employees who participated in the global training. In 2019, the response rate to this survey was 15%. Regarding Ingenico’s KPIs, please consult Chapter 1.5.1 of its extra-financial performance declaration.


Universal Registration Document 2020


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