Worldline - 2019 Universal Registration Document


D.1 Integrating sustainability in Worldline’s business

D.4 Ensuring business ethics within our value chain Meet the highest level of ethics for all D.4.1 stakeholders Secure compliance with laws and regulations D.4.2 Fight against bribery and corruption D.4.3 Develop responsible procurement & due D.4.4 diligence in the value chain Develop sponsorship and philanthropy in our D.4.5 local communities Key performance indicators about Ethics and D.4.6 value chain D.5 Reducing our environmental footprint Meet society expectations for a sustainable D.5.1 environment

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Worldline's integrated strategy D.1.1

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Our CSR ambition D.1.2 Our CSR performance D.1.3

Main key performance indicators D.1.4

D.2 Building customer trust with reliable, secured, innovative and sustainable solutions 101 Meet customer expectations D.2.1 101 Spur sustainable innovation D.2.2 102 Ensure system security, reliability & continuity D.2.3 107 Guarantee data protection D.2.4 114 Improve customer relationship management D.2.5 116 Key performance indicators about business and D.2.6 innovation 124 D.3 Being a responsible employer 127 Meet employee expectations D.3.1 127 Foster employee well-being at work D.3.2 129 Ensure talent attraction & retention D.3.3 138 Promote training & human capital development D.3.4 144 Key performance indicators about Human D.3.5 Resources 150





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Fight climate change D.5.2 Develop circular economy D.5.3

Key performance indicators about Environment D.5.4 D.6 Reporting methodology and scope for non-financial indicators

Principles and standards of reporting D.6.1

Methodology of reporting D.6.2 Methodology of indicator D.6.3

Report of one of the Statutory Auditors, as D.6.4 independent third party, on the consolidated non-financial statement – year ended December 31, 2019



Universal Registration Document 2019

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