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WORLDLINE 2019-2021 Ambition

2019-2021 Ambition C.6

Based on the key elements of its strategy disclosed in Section C.5, Worldline has announced on January 30,2019 its ambitions for 2019–2021, reflecting the increase of its business after the recent acquisition of SIX Payment Services. Consequently, numbers for 2021 could be adjusted to take into account the financial impact of this epidemic and in particular of the related restrictive measures that have been taken. Also, the elements of this 2019-2021 3-year plan will need to be reviewed and updated after the closing of the planned offer of It is reminded that this 3 year ambition has been set before the Worldline on Ingenico (described in Section A.5.2).

COVID-19 pandemic, which has started during the first quarter of 2020, and its consequences on the global economy.

2021 Ambition

The Group ambitions to deliver: Organic revenue growth: +7% and +8% CAGR vs. 2018; ● Profitability: OMDA percentage improvement between ● +400bp and +500bp in 2021, compared with 2018 pro forma of c.21%; Free cash flow: € 370 million to € 410 million in 2021, ● representing between +75% and +95% increase compared with 2018.

To reach its 2021 Ambition the Group will focus on the following main levers: Leverage Worldline’s size, unique European reach and ● product excellence in Merchant Services; In financial Services, fully deliver the scale benefits of the ● established European processing market leader; In Mobility & e-Transactional Services, bringing payment, ● high scale processing and regulation expertise to new adjacent markets.



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