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To leverage employee’s assets and live up to Worldline’s ambition, Gender Equity is also integrated in the action plans deployed locally that relate to: Excellence of the academic and IT background and skills; ● Personal Involvement: contribution to the Company’s ● development; Respect to the values of the Company: Behaviors & ● Mindset; Individual development: Continuous and regular ● efforts/attention/willingness to grow as a person and within the Company all along the career. To track, locally and globally, the progress of the Gender Equity Program, associated Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been identified in term of woman manager representation, woman retention, attraction and evolution. These KPIs and corrective action requirements have been shared with each regional and business line Directors to identify local actions. The evolution of these KPIs are monitored monthly with the Gender Diversity Steering Committee and shared quarterly with Worldline Management Committee. Along with the Gender Equity program, various initiatives were launched in the different Worldline geographies to strengthen local progress such as: The deployment of a “Woman Leadership” training in ● France, which is aimed to be deployed across the organization worldwide. Since 2018, more than 10 sessions were held (including 7 in 2019), comprising in total 100 women. Likewise Germany has developed specific

training and coaching sessions empowering women working in a predominantly male environment; Worldline has also launched in 2018 its association MixIT , ● which goal is to: Contribute to promoting digital among young women, ● making it an attractive field of activity to rebalance gender diversity in the sector, Strengthen the exemplarity of Worldline in terms of ● gender diversity, Build a truly mixed Association with the support of many ● women and men members, an idea still pioneering in France, This MixIT association has already implemented some actions: Develop initiatives with the youngest ( e.g. “coding ● snacks”); Promote female testimonials in conferences ( e.g. ● Duchess or Numériqu'elles) to encourage women to pursue an engineering career and provide presentations on the place of women in the digital world; Advise on internal training programs ( e.g. : female ● leadership). Moreover various countries have developed policies fostering work-life balance such as the flexible working policy UK & I policy or the extended maternity leave (when breastfeeding) and paternity leave duration above local legal regulation in Spain.


% of female per management category

Management categories Junior management Middle management Senior management

56% 41%


% of women in junior management position  vs total junior management position



2020 Target







Gap between the % of females in management positions and the % of females in the overall workforce

- 7.5 points 7.5 points 7.3 points 6.9 points

0 point

Focus 2: Taking disabled people into D. account [GRI 405-1] Worldline has been implementing for ten years specific programs for people with disabilities at various sites, mostly in

disabled people (which involves their coworkers), notably by offering them interesting jobs that accommodate their disabilities. Besides, Worldline commits to better take into account disabilities in its sustainable procurement decisions, through the involvement of the sheltered workshops sector

Europe and in collaboration with employee representative and in the development its solutions. bodies. Such programs aim to better train and integrate

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