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Encouraging accessibility and integration at the workplace In 2019, the percentage of Worldline disabled employees was 1.47% globally and 2.71% in France. Each type of disability is now represented within the population declared to the HR department, from psychological diseases to physical disabilities, including severe illness. Thus, over the last 11 years, Worldline has supported more than 200 disabled workers in France. Since 2014, Worldline has signed a Group agreement with French employee representative bodies which was renewed in 2019 and will be valid until 2022. This agreement concerns the employment and professional inclusion of disabled people. Moreover, particular attention is paid to the integration of people with disabilities in order to adapt the workstation if necessary (customizing the devices, etc.) or to provide awareness session for coworkers, in agreement with the person concerned. To carry out this mission in France, Worldline relies on a network of 20 disability deputies located in all the French sites. These volunteer deputies each dedicate one week per year to guiding and assisting employees. Subject to absolute confidentiality, these key players in the Company’s disability policy coordinate the multi-disciplinary mechanisms to maintain employment of people with disabilities. Workplaces adjustments have been made in France, Belgium, Germany and Italy main sites and premise upgrade systematically considers accessibility for people with disabilities (with dedicated parking slots, adapted furniture, disabled-friendly toilets, special tables, extra phones for deaf people, etc.). Worldline also organized expert conference days, workshops and trainings around digital accessibility as well as training programs for all its employees in order to foster the inclusion of disabled people in their teams, notably through the following initiatives: Actions are held throughout the year to better understand ● the consequences of illnesses and disability situations through convivial moments such as shows or sports competitions; In France, sign language lessons are provided to make ● communication between deaf employees and their colleagues easier and, in 2019, a new awareness session on disability was organized for the entire HR department.

All these initiatives aim to support employees and applicants who are permanently or temporarily disabled, and encourage coworkers to be open-minded about disabilities. Moreover, in November 2019, Worldline actively participated to the biennale of disability organized by the University of Lille and its partners. This bienniale covers the fields of culture, sport, professional integration and innovation with the aim to raise awareness on disability among students Worldline commitment and involvement regarding people with disabilities Worldline also uses the support of the sheltered workshops sector on both internal purchases and response to tenders. Thus, Worldline applied the first social inclusion clause for public procurement in France in 2016 and added two other clauses since. In 2019, Worldline also renewed its trust with the GEIQ Emploi & Handicap which supports the Company in implementing the social integration clause. Besides, the Procurement department is regularly trained on the interest of using the sheltered workshops companies. As an illustration, Worldline relies on the services of such companies for diverse activities, such as maintenance of green spaces, replacements and selective sorting with “Le Grain d’Or” in Blois and Tours (France), “ANRH” in Tours, “Illunion” in Madrid, and “SERVICEA” at Rennes site for the reception desk. Moreover, the recycling and reprocessing of the payment terminals is carried out by a sheltered workshop meeting Belgian national criteria (refer to this document, Section D.4.4.2). Thus, in France, collaboration with sheltered workshops represents the equivalent of 11.21 FTE hiring. Worldline also launched a collaboration with a sheltered workshop specialized in computing, the qualification and audit center (CCQA) sub contracted with the APF (Association des Paralysés de France) . In Spain, Worldline has been collaborating with the Adecco Foundation since 2016, thus launching initiatives to help people with disabilities to find a job (refer to this document, Section D.4.5). Additionally, Worldline puts a specific focus in providing offers that integrate the “Inclusive Design Thinking” and the “Inclusive User Experience” (IUX), to better include people with disabilities in the use of digital solutions (through modular menus, “assistive technology” with speech recognition, etc.). For more information, refer to this document, Section D.

Ensure talent attraction & retention D.3.3

As a constantly growing company, attracting and retaining and that are considered as a crucial source of motivation by skilled and enthusiastic people is key. That is why Worldline employees. Other initiatives relating to training and focuses on its employee careers and development as a development programs are detailed in this document, priority, through several programs that offer personalized Section D.3.4. career management, internal mobility and support schemes


Universal Registration Document 2019

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