Sopra Steria - 2021 Combined General meeting

2 SOPRA STERIA GROUP PRESENTATION’S IN 2020 Organisation and operation of governance

finance, control and risk management : this expertise requires p professional experience gained in finance, audit or internal control or while holding a corporate office; human resources and labour relations : this expertise requires p professional experience gained in human resources, either in a company or as an external consultant, or while holding a corporate office; international dimension : this indicates skills in cross-cultural p management combined with being versed in more than one culture, working as an expatriate or holding corporate office in an international group;

social issues : this expertise presupposes familiarity with p institutions, industry bodies, trade unions or public benefit or humanitarian organisations; knowledge of Axway Software : knowledge of Axway p Software will have been gained through professional experience or corporate office at Axway Software or experience as a client or partner of Axway; operational experience within the Sopra Steria Group : this p experience presupposes longstanding current or past service within the Sopra Steria Group, as an employee or equivalent, and in-depth knowledge of the Group, its working practices and its management.

Each of these 10 key areas of expertise and experience are currently represented on the Board of Directors by several Directors (see table below):

Knowledge of consulting, digital

Know- ledge of one of the Group’s main vertical markets

Opera- tional experience within the

services, software development,

Interna- tional teams and organi- sations

Finance, risk mana- gement and control

CEO of an interna-

Human resources and labour relations

Know- ledge of Axway Software

ability to promote innovation

Entrepre- neurial experience

Sopra Steria Group

tional group

Societal priorities


Hélène Badosa

Kathleen Clark Bracco André Einaudi David Elmalem Michael Gollner Éric Hayat Pierre Pasquier Jean-Luc Placet Sylvie Rémond Noëlle Lenoir Éric Pasquier Marie-Hélène Rigal-Drogerys Jean-François Sammarcelli Jessica Scale

Sopra GMT representative

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! # !" ! ! " # # ( " ! ! " # # ( " ! !" two Directors representing the employees were designated on 23 p September 2020 by the Sopra Steria Group Works Council. They are namely Hélène Badosa, a member of the Compensation Committee, and David Elmalem; a resolution appointing a Director representing the employee p shareholders will be put to the vote at the General Meeting to be held on 26 May 2021. The two advisory bodies made up of the supervisory boards of the FCPE company mutual funds and the employees holding their shares directly both chose the same candidate.

# ! # !" The Nomination, Governance, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Committee also monitors the proportion of Independent Directors on the Board.

Eight Directors are considered independent by the Board of Directors, or 67% of the Directors appointed by the shareholders at the General Meeting.



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