Sopra Steria - 2019 Universal registration document

5 2019 CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Notes to the consolidated financial statements

Apak – On 18 October 2018, through its subsidiary Sopra Banking Software, Sopra Steria acquired 100% of Apak, which develops p specialised lending solutions for car loans and asset finance. In 2019, the Group completed the final purchase price allocation.

The Apak group’s companies have been consolidated in assets acquired and liabilities assumed include the valuation of Sopra Steria’s financial statements since 18 October 2018. They enterprise software for €12.3 million, customer relationships for are part of the “Sopra Banking Software” cash-generating unit. The €10.8 million and a brand for €2.4 million.

The allocation of goodwill is final. It is determined as follows:


(in millions of euros)

Total assets acquired Total liabilities assumed

57.4 -20.0 -37.4 129.4

Total net assets acquired/(net liabilities assumed)

Purchase price



Other – The assets acquired and liabilities assumed from it-economics, BLUECARAT and O.R. System, acquired in 2018, did not give rise to p any adjustments with respect to those presented at 31 December 2018. The final purchase price allocation periods have ended.

the net amount of the identifiable assets acquired and • liabilities assumed. The decision of how to measure non-controlling interests is made on an acquisition-by-acquisition basis and leads to the recognition of either full goodwill (should the fair value method be used) or partial goodwill (should a share of the fair value of the identifiable assets acquired and liabilities assumed be used). The acquisition date is the date on which the Group effectively obtains control of the acquiree. The purchase price of the acquiree is the fair value, at the acquisition date, of the elements of consideration transferred to the seller in exchange for control of the acquiree, to the exclusion of any consideration for a transaction separate from the business combination. If the initial accounting for a business combination can only be determined provisionally for the reporting period in which the combination takes place, the acquirer recognises the combination using provisional amounts. The acquirer must then recognise adjustments to those provisional amounts as the accounting for the business combination is completed within 12 months of the acquisition date.

Business combinations The Group applies IFRS 3 "Business Combinations" to the identified assets acquired and liabilities assumed as a result of business combinations. The acquisition of an asset or a group of assets that does not constitute a business is recognised under the standards applicable to those assets. The Group recognises all business combinations by applying the acquisition method, which consists in: the measurement and recognition at fair value of the p identifiable assets acquired and liabilities assumed. The Group identifies and allocates these items on the basis of contract provisions, economic conditions, and its accounting and management policies and procedures; the measurement of any non-controlling interest in the acquiree p either at its fair value or based on its share of the fair value of the identifiable assets acquired and liabilities assumed; the measurement and recognition at the acquisition date of the p difference (referred to as goodwill) between: the purchase price of the acquiree plus the amount of any • non-controlling interests in the acquiree, and

Other changes in scope 2.2. Sopra Steria Recruitment Ltd – On 28 June 2019, the Group p sold 100% of its recruitment subsidiary in the United Kingdom to Resource Solutions Group. This transaction generated a gain on disposal of €1.4 million, net of costs to sell, which is presented within Other non-current operating income and expenses (see Note 4.2) and allocated to the “United Kingdom” reporting unit.

In 2019 , no other material changes in scope took place. p



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