Sopra Steria - 2019 Universal registration document

4 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Environmental responsibility: innovating to address climate change and protecting the environment along our value chain


Work with major suppliers committed to the environment: Ensure that the Group’s leading suppliers, accounting for at least 70% of supply p chain emissions, control their GHG emissions, and that 90% of them have set GHG emissions reduction targets by 2025 (target validated by SBTi).

Pursue a responsible purchasing policy favouring products and services with a low environmental impact. p Raise awareness among our stakeholders and contribute to the work of opinion leaders and influencers. p Develop employee engagement across the Group. p

Key Performance Indicators and other performance indicators 2019 2018 2017 2016

Key achievements

Analysis of the residual environmental p impact of the Group’s purchases (not included previously in Scopes 1, 2 and 3) On the basis of data for France (which • represents 43.8% of Group data), a limited assurance approach was applied to scale up this data proportionally, arriving at an estimate for the total GHG emissions linked to the Group’s purchases of 221,311 tCO 2 e using the ADEME method. Our aim is to extend this limited assurance approach to the whole of the Group by 2025. Continuation and adaptation of the EcoVadis supplier assessment programme (Section 3.4., “Responsible purchasing”, page 117). Development of an indicator to identify • the main suppliers accounting for at least 70% of supply chain emissions in France and having committed to a GHG emission reduction target.

196 (ADEME method, based on purchasing data for France and scaled up proportionally)

179 (ADEME

method, based on purchasing data for France and scaled up proportionally)

174 (Quantis method)

tCO 2 e/€m of Group expenditure


246,447 (ADEME method + pro rata)

198,000 (Quantis method)

221,311 (ADEME method + pro rata)

Environmental footprint of Group expenditure (tCO 2 e)


Responsible purchasing: p Rolled out new purchasing rules incorporating environmental criteria Group-wide • Group suppliers’ charter including new selection criteria • Stakeholders: p Disclosure of the Group’s commitments to its internal and external stakeholders: Corporate Responsibility Report, client and rating • agency assessments, commitment to the Global Compact, CDP Climate Change and Supplier reporting, etc. Contributions to a variety of sector-specific organisations: Syntec Numérique (Digital and Environment working group) in France, • the British Computer Society (BCS) in the United Kingdom, Agoria in Belgium. Attendance at gatherings of French companies that have signed up for the Science Based Targets initiative, jointly organised • by WWF and SBTi in Paris Employees: p International awareness campaigns: • Printing policy, recycling, World Water Day, World Environment Day, Earth Hour, Earth Day and European Sustainable Development Week. − Group campaign of improvement initiatives • Employee networks (Green Light in France, Green Champions in the United Kingdom and India). − Partnership in France for the “Grand Cause Nationale pour l’Environnement”, an operation coordinated by to build bridges − with civil society over a three-year period and implement concrete actions.

INCORPORATE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 4.4.7. PRIORITIES INTO THE VALUE PROPOSITION Responsible digital technology represents a major driver of economic and social development provided that it factors in the direct and indirect environmental effects over its life cycle – including from infrastructure, developments, use and end-of-life arrangements for equipment. It is thus crucial to support the development of digital technology for the benefit of society by adopting a digital sustainability-based approach that accommodates the Green IT and IT for Green IT dimensions.

Sopra Steria, a key player leading the digital transformation in Europe, supports its customers’ major digital transformation projects by paying close attention to sustainable development priorities in the development of its solutions and services. For the Group, this involves: measuring the impact of solutions and services delivered to its p clients against the environmental challenges they face; raising its clients’ awareness of the challenges of Sustainable p Development and the environmental impact of going digital.



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