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Societal responsibility: engaging all our stakeholders to build a positive future for all

Responsibility in digital 3.3.

Priorities Identify and invest in highly targeted innovative solutions. p Directly and indirectly invest in startups. p Leverage the Group’s solutions and businesses to create strong p relationships. Speed up value creation for our clients. p Continue to guide and serve clients as effectively as possible. p Fundamental principles Balanced relationships and partnerships with startups. p Involvement of Group employees, strengthening our p entrepreneurial DNA. Transforming businesses and ecosystems through innovation. p Richness in diversity and the strength of collective intelligence. p Sopra Steria has thus developed working relationships with a number of startups, whether through partnerships, by involving them in projects or by directly or indirectly investing in their equity. These working relationships relate to areas of expertise such as artificial intelligence and data science, blockchain, the cloud, digital interaction, X-Reality, digital IT (clean code, gaming, BPM), the IoT SOVEREIGNTY AND CYBERSECURITY Digital sovereignty is a key issue for both government departments and economic agents. Everyone must work together closely to manage the data (from production, operation and measurement) on which governments and businesses alike depend for their autonomous decision-making. Against this backdrop, and drawing on its expertise in digital transformation and cybersecurity, in 2019 Sopra Steria entered into an agreement with Sciences Po to create the “Digital, governance and sovereignty” academic chair. The aim of this partnership is to encourage the chair’s research and teaching work to redefine the concept of sovereignty, address shifts in sovereignty and identify new use cases amid a context of digital transformation. Thanks to Sopra Steria’s support, Sciences Po’s school of public affairs will provide academics, researchers, doctoral students and professionals with opportunities to think about new modes of governance and how sovereignty can adapt to this new environment. Furthermore, as part of its overall commitment to digital sovereignty, Sopra Steria is partnering, alongside other major players in the digital sector and civil society, with the Cyber Campus France project, tasked by the French Government with creating a flagship French centre of excellence in cybersecurity. Cyber Campus France will, in particular, be able to draw on Sopra Steria’s expertise in Toulouse, where it has a cybersecurity centre staffed by over 300 experts, the largest such centre serving the aerospace market. It will also be able to count on the Rennes centre, where 50 experts work for the Ministry of the Armed Forces in the area of cyber defence. The ultimate goal of Cyber Campus France will be to export French expertise and innovation to other countries. In this way, Sopra Steria’s involvement in this project will contribute to the dissemination of French expertise across Europe. and automation, as well as emerging technologies. The Group also partners with two investment funds: ACE Management in the Brienne III fund, focused on p cybersecurity for vitally important operators and cyber defence; Truffle Capital in a fund dedicated to FinTechs and InsurTechs. p COMMITMENTS IN SUPPORT OF DIGITAL 3.2.6

Raising our clients' awareness of the social impact of digital technology and their own sustainability challenges Sopra Steria’s corporate responsibility policy aims to involve all external and internal stakeholders in working for a more inclusive, sustainable and environmentally friendly world, and to ensure that the Group’s value proposition takes into account the specific labour-related, environmental, ethical and social challenges facing its clients. The Group’s services and solutions help meet these challenges through digital technology and innovation. Digital technology is now at the heart of efforts to address key labour-related, social and environmental challenges facing businesses, regions and countries. It can help improve citizens’ quality of life, make cities more attractive through optimised mobility management, make services more accessible, reduce businesses’ environmental footprint and develop a more socially responsible and inclusive economy. As a major European player in digital transformation for large organisations, Sopra Steria plays an essential role in contributing to and providing input into work on the societal impact of digital technology. Sopra Steria contributes to a number of external think tanks and has put in place several internal working groups involving experts, consultants, operational managers and individuals with a stake in the Group’s sustainable development, with the intention of incorporating the group’s thinking into its value proposition. When it comes to digital transformation, the limits of technology and the realm of the impossible have long reined in possibilities and, at the same time, the potential for many types of improper use or misuse. Now that these impediments are being eliminated and digital technologies have become deeply embedded in all of our economic and social activities, it seems inconceivable not to closely examine our practices, our projects and, ultimately, our business itself. This exercise naturally takes into consideration corporate responsibility issues relating to the workforce, the environment and society at large, but it must also address, in a more general manner, questions concerning ethics. It is essential to pave the way towards a digital ethics. The latter may be understood as the set of principles and values applying to the design, creation, sale, marketing, use and integration of digital technologies together with the management of all their knock-on effects, as well as their components or the elements necessary to provide the related services effectively and efficiently. Rather than an abstract philosophical approach removed from everyday concerns and leaving aside the conditions for action that emerge as obstacles, the idea is to work to promote specific values to underpin digital transformation and ensure that it is designed and implemented in service of humanity. Respect for privacy and free will, protection of personal data and technical measures controlling access to digital creations, assessment and mitigation of social and environmental impacts, promotion of diversity and accessibility, reversibility and remediation capabilities – these are some of the fundamental elements that we wish to promote as principles for action. The Sopra Steria Next consulting teams have launched a major project to change the way we look at things, work and create. Above all, this imperative represents a collective challenge for the common good of our clients and our employees. DEVELOPING RESPONSIBLE DIGITAL 3.3.1. INNOVATION THAT ENGAGES THE GROUP AND ITS STAKEHOLDERS



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