Sopra Steria - 2019 Universal registration document

4 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Sopra Steria, a committed and responsible Group, making a sustainable, human and enlightened contribution

Furthermore, pursuant to the seventh paragraph of Article L. 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code, Sopra Steria has appointed Mazars as independent third party to verify that the Statement of Non-Financial Performance complies with the provisions laid down in Article R. 225-105 of the French Commercial Code and that the information provided pursuant to point 3 of the first and second paragraphs of Article R. 225-105 of the French Commercial Code, disclosed in this report pursuant to Article R. 225-105-2 of the French Commercial Code, is truthful. Definitions of social indicators Unless otherwise indicated, indicators are calculated on the basis of numbers of employees on permanent and temporary contracts and internship agreements. The following definitions are used: permanent contract: Full-time or part-time employment contract p entered into with an employee for an indefinite period; fixed-term contract: Full-time or part-time employment contract p entered into with an employee and expiring at the end of a specific period or on completion of a specific task lasting an estimated period; frequency rate of workplace accidents in France: Calculated in p business days, using the following formula: (Number of workplace accidents with work stoppage × 1,000,000)/Total number of hours worked by total workforce in the year; severity rate of workplace accidents in France: (Number of p working days lost due to workplace accidents × 1,000)/Total number of hours worked by all employees during the year. Work stoppages continuing on from the previous year are not counted. Work stoppages continuing on as a result of workplace accidents that occurred the previous year are not counted; absence rate: Calculated in business days and on the basis of the p average full-time equivalent workforce. It takes into account absences for illness, workplace accidents and accidents while travelling. It corresponds to the ratio of the number of actual calendar days’ absence and the number of work days theoretically available; percentage of employees with a disability: Based on the number p of employees with a declared disability, each considered as a “disabled worker unit” in France, increased by 50% where allowed under the rules applied by the French government agency Agefiph, which promotes the employment of people with disabilities + number of beneficiary units under subcontracting contracts with companies in the sheltered or adapted sector, divided by the relevant workforce. The workforce numbers used are also calculated according to the rules defined by Agefiph. Scope of reporting To ensure compliance with regulations, the Group has developed a reporting process for collecting the relevant data and leveraging the results in this document. The following indicators (required by Article L. 225-102.1 of the French Commercial Code) have been excluded since they do not apply to Sopra Steria Group’s business: combating food waste and food insecurity, promoting animal welfare and responsible food production.

Sopra Steria’s corporate responsibility policy applies to all Group entities. The headcounts provided in the workforce section of this report and used in certain environmental indicators include the employees of Delta Development System in Algeria (3 people), a non-consolidated subsidiary of the Group. Depending on the indicator, the geographic scope is either: the full worldwide scope of Sopra Steria Group businesses (i.e. p Sopra Steria Group); all Sopra Steria Group businesses in a given country p (Sopra Steria France, Sopra Steria UK, Sopra Steria España, etc.). For each country, all Sopra Steria Group subsidiaries are included (Sopra Banking Software, Sopra HR Software, I2S, CIMPA, Kentor, Beamap, Cassiopae, Galitt, 2MoRO, BLUECARAT, it-economics et OR System, etc.); as regards the scope of workforce indicators: p companies consolidated in 2018 (Galitt and APAK) are included • in all indicators shown, for Groupe SAB, Neosphere, Sopra Banking Software Senegal • and Sopra Financial Technology Gmbh, which joined the consolidated Group during 2019, only the “Total workforce” indicator has been calculated. The scope is specified for each indicator, as regards the scope of environmental indicators: p the employee headcount at two of the companies acquired in • 2019 (Apak and Neosphere) was included when calculating all indicators, the employee headcount at two of the other companies • acquired in 2019 (Groupe SAB and Sopra Financial Technology GmbH) was only included when calculating the “Workforce by geographic region” indicator, the scope of 2019 environmental reporting spans all entities • over which the Group has both financial and operational control. It thus includes the NHS SBS and SSCL joint ventures, but Groupe SAB and Sopra Financial Technology Gmbh are not taken into account for all indicators, the emissions factor relating to leases of IT equipment was • updated in 2019 to calculate the environmental footprint of the Group’s purchases. The update for this emissions factor was applied to the data for 2018, leading to an adjustment to the result for that year; corporate responsibility reporting covers the calendar year from p 1 January to 31 December 2019. Any exceptions to calendar year reporting are indicated in respect of the data concerned. To check consistency between financial and non-financial reporting, some structural indicators common to both areas are compared and verified at various levels of detail. An overview of the reporting process and reporting tools relating to this report is set out in the reporting protocol available on request from Sopra Steria’s SD&CR Department.



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