Sopra Steria - 2018 Registration document

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Sopra Steria: Committed to a sustainable, responsible world

1. Sopra Steria: Committed to a sustainable, responsible world

1.1. Overview of the Group’s


corporate responsibility strategy For more than 50 years we have built our Group on solid fundamentals and a set of ethical principles and core values that define us. Our strategic vision for corporate responsibility is to be a company engaged in the key issues currently facing society, drawing on our principles and values and setting ambitious, meaningful targets that create value for all our stakeholders. Sopra Steria’s corporate responsibility strategy is founded on seven key priorities, all directly aligned with the Group’s business model: p being a leading employer that attracts the best talent, fosters employee dialogue and promotes diversity and equal opportunity; p establishing ongoing constructive and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders; p being a long-lasting partner for our clients, meeting their needs as effectively as possible by providing them with the best technology as part of a value-creating approach; p involving our entire value chain in our corporate responsibility approach to contribute to a more sustainable world; p reducing the environmental impact of our operations and contributing to a low-carbon economy; p acting ethically and with integrity in our day-to-day operations and across all our business activities; p supporting local communities by stepping up our community engagement initiatives, notably in the area of digital inclusion. This strategy is supported by a continuous improvement process covering the key areas set out in this report. This process is based on our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, the materiality matrix used to assess the various challenges facing the Group, and a governance structure that coordinates implementation of policy and associated processes. This strategy, the policy and key achievements in the year are presented to and discussed by the Board’s Selection, Ethics and Governance Committee.

As an expression of our values, Sopra Steria is a signatory to and member of the United Nations Global Compact, in the “Global Compact Advanced” category (Top 9%). Under this commitment, Sopra Steria supports the Global Compact’s 10 principles on human rights, labour standards, protection of the environment and anti- corruption, and is committed to promoting these principles within its ecosystem of influence and continuing with its efforts in these areas. This commitment forms the foundation of Sopra Steria’s corporate responsibility strategy. ❙ CONTRIBUTION TO THE UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGS) The Sustainable Development Goals are the 17 global priorities adopted by the United Nations General Assembly for the period to 2030. They concern the fight against poverty and hunger, education and healthcare, as well as decent work, climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable consumption and production.

Through its corporate responsibility programmes targeting social, societal, environmental and ethical goals, Sopra Steria supports the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This contribution is presented in the various policies and results set out in this chapter. Examples further illustrating the Group’s contribution to the SDGs may also be found in the supplementary report entitled “Sopra Steria: Committed to a more sustainable, responsible world”.



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